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when friends and relatives become venture partners, things tend to be less successful than they think. With differences and contradictions, if not resolved in time, business can not be a small matter, is more likely to hurt, and even friends can not do.

however, in today’s live market, the beauty anchor’s performances, sports events and electronic sports live more than half of the country. This creates a false public awareness – mentioned webcast, all the First impressions are strongest is only equivalent to a form of entertainment, but also a kind of fast food style, no content and nutrition at all forms of entertainment. So, when the education which is a serious matter in live, the first time will inevitably produce molimen impression in the hearts of everyone.

exam training institutions abroad and founder of the focus of the era "Xu Yi believes that although compared to the recording, live features in real-time interactivity and flexibility to the related service requirements will be higher, however, even with advanced technology, services more comprehensive, once lost quality content support online direct.

Where is the future of

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recently, the United States English webcast first trial water, the industry reacted strongly. With the "beauty teacher" this selling point, riding the "webcast" this "Dongfeng", Midland English seems to fly in the air. However, from "teacher" to "teacher" of the "transformation", it really can play the role of education for education? Live is good or bad? Learning enthusiasm is a fresh or long-term pay? These are worth thinking about to calm down.

webcast, known as the largest air outlet in 2016. Overnight, almost all social, electricity providers, video, App and so on have started a live broadcast, net red, enterprises, stars, electricity providers have also caught the "live" this bus. As a result, some people regard 2016 as "the first year of Chinese webcast"". A research report from the aurora Research Institute data show that the network broadcast, according to the content and the audience live is different and is subdivided into seven types: vertical integrated, show class, social class, games, star class, sports and educational.

first of all, the development strategy is different from


then there’s the management issue,

case 1: colleagues start business, the company is difficult to unify the idea

however, as we have seen from the big data, in fact, no matter whether it is appropriate or not, the live broadcast of education has already gone on the road. The development of online education experienced in the pure line materials handling and online on-demand line of the two stages of development, and now finally came to live the whole stage.


has accumulated experience and contacts, the stove alone has become a good choice. Since we need to venture partners, most people feel that, certainly more reliable, pull acquaintances in more security than outsiders, but in fact, when friends become venture partner, things are not that well. With differences and contradictions, if not resolved in time, business can not be a small matter, is more likely to hurt, and even friends can not do.

Liu felt that the company has just started, people should work hard with the faithful, point of view, focuses on the cultivation of talents, and then slowly pick; Pang Fei felt the time is urgent, through their contacts, can find the relative ability, experience and knowledge of the people. "Find a higher level of people, the start will be faster, but also conducive to the development of the company, welfare benefits will be increased accordingly, this is the most practical problem."." Liu said.

Pang Fei claims from the macro management, things can let go; Liu will be hands-on, personally take care of all size matters. Self employment is not like working for others before, especially in the early stage. I think it is too early to let go of everything. Now it is too early to let go."

and the facts do prove it. Take the AP English "beauty live" strategy, is to catch a fashion, but it did not change in the broadcast market prevailing, based on vulgar content, poor experience problems, only with the online education mechanical stack just burned a flow, temporarily become at leisure. A few words of gossip. In addition, the greater the risk, "anchors" gimmick will make education pan entertainment, thus further mislead the learner’s cognitive, online education to the beginning of the broadcast wave bring adverse effect to the construction and development of the platform.

with Pang Fei and Liu two people for example, they worked for a Foodstuff Trading Co, Pang Fei is regional manager, Xiao Liu is a sales manager. Although two people are upper and lower, but they are good friends. Two years ago, Pang Fei and Xiao Liu resigned from the company and started a business as an import and export agent. At first, the two were planning to expand the company, but it was not as simple as they imagined.

beauty teacher online broadcast: more harm than good

education live,

Liu believes that the company should be like a snowball, from "small and fine", the longitudinal development; but Pang Fei felt that companies can involve some business areas, the horizontal, multi legged walking slowly, then the longitudinal development. Therefore, Liu believes Pang Fei ambitious, Pang Fei think Liu short-sighted. "I understand that all roads lead to Rome, but I always feel that Pang Fei is a bit of an armchair.". He planned well, and in theory it would work, but the actual operation might not be smooth." Liu said, he understood Pang Fei, many channels, choose more, but if there is no strong business foundation, the company’s foundation will not be solid. "But he doesn’t understand me." Liu is very upset.

secondly, the employment mechanism

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