Et shoes network CPC advertising online welcome to delivery Who can help in Wangzhuan friends

I’m from Shandong. I’m 21 years old. I like the Internet, but I never play games, and I don’t like chatting with MM. Because I do computer maintenance in a company, the Internet every day time can be 16 hours, 2007 November that on the Internet can earn money, start into the forum, plus numerous Wangzhuan project, group, click, surfing, brush station, advertisement cheating, results, bidding price, numerous projects, until now I have a lot of tutorials and a lot of Wangzhuan tools, I was in a period of six months to get rid of my electricity and net fee is really no money. Only I feel happy in the first half I know a lot of friends in Wangzhuan

Hello everyone! Shoes network CPC advertising on-line, welcome to meet the webmaster active delivery! Please interested webmaster contact customer service opened. Customer service :183288818 319035197
                  2, type: female class, business class, life information website
                 ; 3, no cheating.

since I heard the name graph king, so I look at sh419, see his blog and ADMIN5, with 3 days to see a lot of website and Wangzhuan related articles, learn to figure wangdage really great, often free to help others to share his experience with others, I I hope to find the feeling, now I tell myself what all don’t want to, real in the station, took 10 hours a day to site I feel in half a year of traffic should reach thousands! I face the problem is not the establishment of the relevant technology and experience, I want to know something about it friends, and about the establishment of the group, a lot of learning, I hope to have some friends really help me, network infrastructure, the Internet for a long time, do not play games I don’t talk about MM, so I’ll try very hard. I really want someone to come up with 10 minutes to help me. I’m going to spend 9 hours and 50 minutes to study and practice. My :448006308. For, as retreat webs


online project too much, I’m having a headache now is do not know what to do either, make yourself heard Wangzhuan headache, some days I thought all in the CNN event on every day to each group a lot of edge, a video with the latest pictures I have to post , head and my signature personality replaced all patriotic, my friends and friends all know the current situation of our country was also very angry, Germany, France, the United States, Japan and other such bully us China Chinese looked down on us, the only thing I did tell all my real friends a lot of online publicity, posting, group propaganda, these days in order to love distractions, so I feel do Wangzhuan have to do not be distracted!

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