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at this time, the real estate industry veteran Liu Xin, facing the end of hills and rivers situation, decided to try using similar methods to sell the house to ease the financial pressure, to some decoration good house rent out, to recover the money back into the other room decoration construction, so slowly survived this off.

four, apply for virtual host:

three, domain name:

interestingly, Liu Yang took the 1000 blocks to the sea, because less money can’t afford to live in the hotel, Liu Yang on the back of the tent on the beach for 3 days, but also because during eating seafood, eat a bad stomach, originally a decompression vacation, but was still more than the work of the crime.

sold the house, selling the car price also accepted an old plant, how can one get to that field? This would have said "the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. As a result of the renovation of the house, the ultimate pursuit of decoration, resulting in more than the budget to spend millions of millions.

for newly graduated students, remove most of the daily expenses, wages have contributed to the landlord or property intermediary, and inexperienced students often is black intermediary landlord, object of bullying, Liu Yang and Liu Xin is no exception, so the two of them will do the initiation of the idea of youth apartment.

a rich man, a man without money is hard. Two people everywhere to borrow money to raise, but in the end is a drop in the bucket, YOU+’s first floor in the decoration has not yet completed, has interrupted the company’s capital chain.

YOU+ gameplay

one, planning website

content topics is important, and the success of a web site design is largely determined by the attractiveness of the content of the site; a website must have a clear theme. Especially for personal websites, you can’t do it like an integrated website. It’s large and comprehensive. You do not have this ability, nor this energy, so you must find a most interesting content, do deep, do through, do their own characteristics, so as to give users a deep impression.

said that he walked away on the road of self – struggle and forgot why he started. But after 7 years, through their own hard work have cars have room for Liu Yang, Liu Xin decided to complete the original desire, their houses, cars are sold, in exchange for the original Colgate Guangzhou toothpaste factory workshop, so YOU+ has the first base.

When The ?

ten years ago, just out of the campus of Liu Yang and Liu Xin, as many college students, chose to leave home and stay in the big city. The day of the night scene of debauchery seemed to heavy traffic, has nothing to do with them, have vision of the world, in reality it has become a mirage.

if there are conditions, make friends, do it yourself, or take the time to learn can! This is a difficulty for the beginner, novice, one can start to do that package >


YOU+ team and Lei Jun, from left to right respectively, Liu Yang, Liu Xin, Su Di lei. Sina Technology Heran Li

five, making web pages,

recalled the past, and YOU+CEO Liu Xin said that when he was hardest off, and Liu Yang had hundreds of dollars left, and that they owed an external debt.

the end of hills and rivers

first, register the domain name. Domain name registration international domain name and.Cn domestic domain name is appropriate, the domain name is best not too long, and there is a certain significance, easy to remember, right now the domain name has not much, you can use the flexible combination of numbers, English words, Pinyin, the domain name before and after adding I E, OK, Hao, 51, 88, 163, etc., can be a flexible combination of many good domain name. You can go and check to see if you can sign up and get your hands on it,

! The choice of

in the two ready to start when a big, cold that gave them a head-on blow, YOU+ is still in its infancy business plan almost died.

There are a lot of

YOU+ income of the first rent is only 1000 yuan, take these 1000 Liu Xin decided to give the chairman Liu Yang, let this period of time under a lot of pressure on him, go out and relax for a few days.

two, collecting materials

defines the theme of the website, you start collecting material around the topic. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw". To make your website flesh and blood, and to attract users, you have to try to collect materials, and the more materials you collect, the easier it will be to build websites later. The material can not only from books, newspapers, multimedia CD-ROM, come on, also can be collected from the Internet, then put the collected materials Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, as to produce their own web material.

general web site selection is about 150m-300m of the virtual host on it. Buying a virtual host takes into account several aspects: after service, stability, and access speed. Finally, a virtual host should pay attention to the speed, if your customers or potential visitors to the north, then you can choose Netcom room space, mainly South, is the first thing to consider for the national telecommunications space. It should choose the intelligent double line host recommended recommended: webmaster. Network: http://s.idc.admin5/

website profit model to introduce the following: including advertising, membership fees, project recommendation, joining fees, engage in the activities of the sponsorship fee, etc. some of the profit model, the profit is the most direct advertising, now most of the sites are relying on advertising revenue. So what should we do to make a website to make money,

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