The use of zblog and WordPress

zblog is the representative of the domestic blog program, cute, covers most functions and continuous development, WordPress is a leader in foreign blog program, the massive plugin can accomplish anything you want, many theme more exciting unceasingly. As an independent blogger, the choice of zblog-or- WordPress is a headache. As a blogger I’ve been using for both zblog and WordPress, I’d like to provide you with a little experience of my own, for reference purposes only.

zblog is my first blog blog program will be independent from the Baidu space after use, it probably spent more than a year, the installation procedure is very simple, do not have to consider the problem of database, and compared the domestic asp space are relatively cheap. So it’s very easy to build an independent blog with zblog blog, and zblog has many plug-ins to choose from, and it can be installed online, and it’s very convenient to change themes. Plugins aren’t many, but as long as you don’t have any particular requirements, they’re good enough.

zblog is said to search engine very friendly, keyword ranking will be relatively high, above all these are advantages, the following talk about insufficient. If you are a strong individual users, to achieve some strange and eccentric function that zblog and his plug-in is not enough, and relatively gorgeous theme WordPress mass, zblog the number of topics is somewhat shabby, the main problem is that the zblog time to adjust procedures are required to reconstruct the file if you file, such as petroleum science and technology to write more than 600 articles, enough you will rebuild. In short, if you just want to write a blog, no other mixed idea, zblog is your best choice.

WordPress I am now in less than half a month’s time, the biggest feeling is nice, really strong, I used to know, before many theme zblog when envy WordPress, but the so-called powerful not what feeling, after only know, the original WordPress can be achieved so many functions. WordPress has a wide variety of subjects, especially the popular magazines, which are very beautiful.

WordPress but need the space PHP, so that the domestic space is quite expensive, I used to run network technology space, want to change when WordPress asked the corresponding space, each other has given $500 a year high. In addition, PHP calls many, many functions, so it’s much harder to change the code than zblog, but there are a lot of tutorials on the network, and it’s not a big problem.

zblog is the representative of the domestic blog program, small and cute, covering most of the functions and continue to send

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