Google AdSense difficult process of application

2008 03 month or so, then I work quite free, just playing around on the Internet, inadvertently found Google Adsense, the first is not very understanding, after a large number of Internet search found that the foundation of the survival and development of Google Adsense can bring to the webmaster.

so I decided to apply for a free web page first and try using a free page space for Google to start a website. At first, I didn’t know what name the website should be. It was difficult for me. It was mainly that I didn’t locate the main direction of the website. When compared to Google AdSense for application as soon as possible to account directly with their anonymous as the name of the web site (masutatsu network).

is the web site name does not mean there will be a website, or the main website, he is engaged in technology, and that special love of ultra pure water (the name of the electronics industry is the name of the ultra pure water, purified water is in the pharmaceutical industry began), ultra pure water in terms of writing. Find a lot of information and their work notes, after a period of continuous writing and data search, the site has a simple outline. So I began to apply for goolge Adsense, two days later received a letter from Google customer service, did not pass the audit, mainly because the site is under construction.

see this reason, so I insist on making a page every day, after a month, my web site has more than 30 pages of content. Re apply for goolge Adsense, after two days, received the mail, and did not pass, but this is not the last reason, this time because the domain name problems. It seems that detailed content, through the examination, must have independent domain name website.

, I’ll start looking for my own website service provider. Because they are not understand to buy a domain name and space, are afraid of being cheated, many find on the Internet, and asked a lot of friends, but different people have different views, I was the rookie. At this point the work is busy. Do I have time to learn something like CSS?. Can only find template, online editing site space.

after a search, with now this site, both templates, but also online editing, and relatively large space. This is my day, what payment, the website for the record, the name of the site to determine the direction, etc.. With the general positioning, began to busy writing, engage in web content, as well as typesetting, a lot of twists and turns, and a lot of hard work, the site finally can interview.

‘s application for two days, the result still does not pass, this time because of the site type. But it beats me, I don’t know how to do it. Can only do side look, and continue to adhere to the content of the site, more content, the site’s PR improved, ranking has also improved. I continued to apply for Google Adsense, but the results still failed

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