The management of the nternet is moving closer to traditional industries

according to CNNIC monitoring data show that in 2009 China’s online shopping market transactions reached 250 billion yuan, compared with double growth in 2008. I believe that in 2010, the online shopping market will further speed fast growth, the key period will also usher in the development of electronic commerce. The e-commerce market matures, let more consumer acceptance of online shopping, online shopping penetration into our daily life at the same time, the safety of consumers, online shopping brand, service and higher requirements. Network operators to improve honesty is vividly portrayed. Ma Yunceng said: "businesses rely on the integrity of profit, honesty is the greatest wealth in the world, honesty is definitely not a sales, not a high empty concept, it is it, little details." Real name registration, like the entity store, for industrial and commercial registration will be the general trend of future online shopping, can effectively solve the integrity problems in e-commerce, effectively crack online shopping fraud.

last week, a news touched the hearts of countless shop owners. Individual open shop also want industry and commerce registration, end network transaction legal blank. News that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formulated the "network commodity transactions and related services behavior management Interim Measures" is expected in March 15th this year before the eve of promulgation and implementation. According to the draft of the method of view, the individual online shop must be real name registration, qualified conditions should also apply for industrial and commercial registration. Then, shortly afterwards, industry and commerce administration officials said the news was misinformation. Since last July, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has announced that online shopping will be included in the scope of supervision, and the provisional measures for the management of online commodity transactions and related services shall be promulgated. Online transactions require the seller to register real name, apply for relevant licenses and pay taxes. Thus, in March 15th before the promulgation and implementation of the message is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. but under normal circumstances, and advance the way to the public of the draft, and now is the end of the month, the public opinion draft in March 15th before the implementation does not seem realistic. SAIC also said that the network trading supervision approach is being investigated and demonstrated. I believe, in a certain period of the year, with the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" will be implemented to regulate the network of goods and services transactions, and promote the healthy development of the network market.

online shopping real name registration, and require industry and commerce registration for business license, will mark e-commerce, network business integrity related problems from self-discipline to heteronomy change. Management is also closer to the physical shop. How to effectively implement the supervision of online shop, is to protect the rights and interests of online shopping consumers from infringement, and further prosperity of the online shopping market inevitable. In the past, the basic regulation of online shopping is carried out by the trading platform, such as Taobao large online shopping platform generally requires real name system, and some small online shopping trading platform simply, even the real name system does not require. Even if such a large platform for Taobao requires real name system, but a series of measures to protect consumer rights are mostly based on the seller’s self-discipline. If the seller’s integrity is not high, self-discipline will become empty talk. End >

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