WeChat release time how to choose

for many enterprises WeChat public number Xiaobian, choose when to release WeChat, is a very difficult to grasp. Since WeChat public number can only release a message every day, the choice of release time has become more cautious, and released earlier, the information was pushed to the bottom of the other WeChat public number, no one to see. Late release, users sleep, still can not see. For how to choose the release time, there are several ways to refer to.

1. Using graphic statistics to analyze

WeChat’s statistics really record when the user is looking at your posts, so you can use this statistic to find the most time periods for users to open in a day. Specific methods: open the background [graphic analysis] –> [graphic statistics] –> select [small times], the date of choice, generally do not choose the day, so that a full day of data will be there.


After the

selection will appear key indicators detailed drawing, you can see when the day when the maximum number of views. But it’s not practical to look at the data, because the highest trend chart is usually the time you release information on that day. The reason for a high peak is that when you publish articles at that time, there will be a lot of people to see. Therefore, data processing is also needed.

WeChat public number small series needs to be released at different times during the analysis of WeChat’s data, to see how many readings that day accounted for the proportion of the day. For example, in March 29th, I released the day’s WeChat at 22:29, with 15357 people reading on the same day, and the number of people reading at 22:00–23:00 was 1769, accounting for 11.5%. In March 28th, at 21:22 in the release of WeChat, the day reading number of 9751 people, in 21:00-22:00 reading number of 1580, accounting for 16.2%.


through the above method, you can generally understand which period of time users most likely to read, so you can choose a better time to release WeChat. Of course, this method also has shortcomings, because the number of pages read the calculation of the sharing of friends circle of reading, in the sharing process, a good article in the inactive period of time may also have a lot of people to view. At the same time, the daily publication of good and bad articles will also interfere with the authenticity of the data.

according to my own account long-term statistical observation, 19:00–23:00 is WeChat read the most active period of time. Usually I choose to publish articles around 22:00.

two, select

according to the business hours and activities

most enterprises are 9:00–18:00 to work, after 18 points, WeChat Xiaobian off work, there are some open >

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