Talking about how to operate the source class websites in the future

A5 now has more than the source forum forum in the fierce competition, how talent shows itself in this competition is the most headache problem, this project I started planning in two months ago, in fact, the source code of the website in the very early days but very profitable, for example we know SOOHO forum, lifetime member of VIP to 600 yuan, but sell very well, the source than the other sites are just about the same, but this is the brand benefit. Now the source class websites are mushrooming, and less and less profitable.

but what I’m doing right now is this project. Let’s give you a brief introduction of how much money a source forum wants to invest:

source code, I buy all kinds of tools, plug-ins, templates, tutorials, information and so on spending nearly 1000 yuan, virtual host, domain name, VIP6 QQ, A5 advertising is almost 1000, so the initial investment of about 2000 yuan.

forum now does have a lot of people or other procedures, but most of them are called 1900 sets, 8800 sets of VIP source code, to be honest, I really like this source is nonsense, more than 8000 sets of 10G, and I have to update the resource 80 10G, even a source of up to 1.2G. Because few of those resources can be used, so gradually to sell smelly. But you’re like the boutique source forums in A5, and these resources are not allowed to resell, of course, mainly for some core resources. Take my current forum for it, I have just updated the forum English station group software, Dede automatic collection tools, Dede tools, pseudo original video, pop MP3 software and so on, these resources are determined not to let the members of reselling, in fact as long as members understand their value they themselves are not willing to sell.

after the completion of the project investment, how to make them into cash, I feel that my operating methods must not be the same as others, or else will fail:

two months ago, I began to pay attention to the A5 program area of advertising, but later I found here has always been two sellers in the competition, other sellers basically are not maintained for two months, they spend money on a month without advertising revenue, this is why?

later discovered that they were basically reselling other people’s resources, so they were not recognized by others. I think I must create their own resources, and so began the two months of the acquisition, as of today, I have updated the 70G resources, and others are mainly update the source code, and I am rich source but also increase the variety of software, tutorials, although now also with other source number the station is comparable, but the whole network software products and the most complete tutorial has let my site have a place to live in.

my other strategy is low price, someone else can sell 50 yuan a set, then I will be 30 yuan a set, this strategy began to really bring me some customers >

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