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recently, I have asked too many friends about how to write "soft Wen", and this question is like "how to make money", and there is no way to answer it. In view of this, I will write some soft writing experience, is divided into: the forum article (written text is to put on to the Forum blog website (·); article written text is to contribute to the portal news channel ·); Article (other offbeat communication, such as QQ,

and other mail)

, the first · forum articles

Before the

to write text, we need to study the media and target users, is the so-called enemy awareness. BBS is the earliest form of popularization of the Internet, is the basis of the Internet, the importance of self-evident. Taking into account the forum user posting and top affixed mechanism, so the main function of soft text is to allow users to active top paste, increase the exposure of soft text. Without the type of forum corresponding to the user habits are not the same, in writing soft text, these have to first seriously observe, think carefully. If you want to do a thing well, you must do lots of simple and boring things.

Most of the

forum, users are willing to put the top is certainly the most valuable and most surprising post, the 2 point is the soft breakthrough, such as "· truth; insider · · list · personal resource sharing; strange" etc.. Well, first of all, we should first for the soft text refining a most suitable for this kind of content of the characteristic theme, determine the article’s central idea, is to think what to say to the net friend. The theme is determined, we come to the idea of the article should be how to write, how to put the information kneading into this article, and the integrated, allowing users to see the information publicity after remember this but not resent it.

taking into account the specificity of the forum, soft text is best topic type or story type. The topic type is to throw a topic to the user, in describing this topic in the process, will publicize the information in appropriate time to cut into, as long as the topic design is good, the net friend comes in to discuss much. The story type is to tell a story to the net friend, other ditto. So how to design it? It is actually very simple, it means the user is currently coming out, say what you think. Of course, there is no way to say anything specific. But you can often see mop and Tianya BBS, because as long as they reply high rate of the post, there must be your good points. However, this can only learn how to write a good post, and it is the most difficult step to integrate the information into the post.

usually, I design products that need to be advertised as something that’s indispensable to the story, or it’s important, so that users can remember the product. As I wrote the story book, the enterprise service, I designed a woman’s story about her emotional story. The original is "yesterday broke up, today received a parting gift, I burst into tears"

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