The era of electricity supplier third party to highlight the importance of the role of investment

from the outset clear attitude "does not compete with the banks, to today’s electricity supplier" the wire "join, and publicity and promotion of the scene is more and more popular, the third party fund sales institutions also met enemies". People can not help but sigh, the third party fund sales agency is facing a lot of ups and downs from birth.

Taobao, Tencent and other large Internet join fund sales force, for the current living situation of poor third party fund sales institutions will bring much impact? This time how to deal with? And the industry a more consistent view is only one: that is to play their investment advisory role, take the initiative to adapt to the era of electricity supplier the fund sales pattern, otherwise, only a dead end.

in China’s Internet industry has been circulating a word, do what site have to look at the face of Tencent. Tencent huge user base can squeeze you into a very short time to survive. Third party fund sales agency seems to have been aware of this problem, in the Taobao fund shop upcoming moment, there are third parties have begun to take the initiative to access WeChat.

"First Financial Daily" reporter from the third party fund sales institutions good fortune to buy that good fortune to buy WeChat has launched a fund trading platform recently, WeChat public, investors can buy wealth through the online fund trading account assets, query access to transaction information and the latest information of the fund, and has WeChat Trading reminder service.

good buy fund stakeholders in an interview with reporters, said the reason why the initiative to move closer to WeChat and access to the system, is to adapt to the new era of the Internet fund sales pattern. Many fund management companies have launched their own WeChat sales platform, if you do not plan to make an early attempt to adapt, the future is likely to be squeezed directly to competitors difficult to survive."

remove the initiative to adapt to the new pattern of the Internet, the reporter learned in the interview process, as the third party fund sales institutions, they generally said to survive to the future, do consulting role is undoubtedly the most important factor.

good buy fund research director Le Jiaqing said in an interview with reporters, the electricity supplier to join in the short-term is still difficult to change now the fund sales banks dominate, but for the third party fund sales institutions the impact is enormous. "The bank has its own huge network, and the third party sales organizations the establishment is not a long time, mainly rely on the sales network, directly face the impact of electricity providers, so the investment is very important role."

seems to Le Jiaqing, Taobao and other large electricity supplier is currently facing the problem of the transformation of the sale of goods, the transition from traditional goods to financial products will take some time. Le Jiaqing said, although Taobao has a huge user groups, but the fund belongs to financial products, different from the general commodity, third party sales organization has the advantage of professional investment ability, through professional, comprehensive and meticulous service strategy, provide asset allocation and optimization of service products and other professional investors to establish their own the competitive advantage.

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