Wind Some Thoughts on personal website profit method

as a webmaster, all hope that their website can be very profitable.

with the passage of time, a large number of sites fell, and the new operation of the website more; then, the website profit truly a constant topic, today, the wind has its own website as an example, to illustrate the method can achieve a profitable website with the service or product.

example: I have a Gansu college information website: I want the -, in the beginning, only for the candidates to provide the information of the Gansu college, the website only rely on advertising to maintain. Later, an occasional opportunity, there is a candidate, net friend asked me if I can provide Gansu upgraded teaching materials and pro forma examination questions, and provide specialized training services.

then, after receiving the inspiration, through their own efforts, to get some Gansu upgraded, and also made a test for local publishers, settled the textbook college cooperation affairs, began to provide materials and pro forma questions for users. Since then, there has been a very obvious change, that is: the site is no longer simply relying on advertising, but the combination of the site’s own characteristics and resources, to provide users with some products". Although not much money earned, but at least you can pay the site’s operating costs and your own internet access costs.


can maintain the operation of the website, begin to consider the profit of the website again. Now, I want to upgrade my network and have started offering professional training. I believe that after this session, there will be a gratifying figure.

of course, there will be some difficulties. However, as long as a number of users can think, I believe that all difficulties are temporary.


above is only for reference, personal opinion, starting with network.

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