nnovation is a key factor in improving website traffic

modern society is becoming more and more demanding of innovation, and the ability to innovate is becoming more and more important. Many colleges and universities are assessing the innovative ability of college students and strengthening the students’ ability to innovate. Is innovation an inborn or an acquired endeavor? And no matter where it comes from, what does innovation bring?.

first talk about Alibaba’s Taobao. Taobao provides many people with a low threshold, low investment, low risk network business platform, more and more people open online shop, Taobao shop every day registered number of shops is too numerous to mention. From the first Taobao store lemon Green Tea now many of the unknowns, to the size of the shop, with netizens taobao.com has gone through many years. Anyone can set up a shop in Taobao, but how many people have succeeded and got good results? We don’t know. A successful Green Tea such as lemon, have drowned in many shop in a cipher, why some people succeed some people fail


April 19th webmaster admin5.com reported a "I am squad leader, my class Taobao shop ‘sell people’ success" article, I feel very deep, actually "sell" from the people. It turned out to be the 05 degree graduate of North China University of Technology who was looking for jobs on the internet. At present, more and more severe forms of employment in China, a lot of people in danger can not find work, but how many people would think in such a way to promote to sell yourself? "Sell" although the shop twists and turns to shop success, 15 pieces of goods for sale, 15 graduates, in the shop shortly after there have been 2 graduates through enterprise interview success, has started to practice in the company. The sale of the remaining products are consulted every day, every day will receive the employer’s interview notice, I believe that soon, "seller" shop in the goods will be sold out.

from the events above, it is easy to see that, as long as innovation, a lot of goals can be achieved. If a few graduating students from North China University of Technology are looking for jobs just like the national graduates, it is believed that they can not arouse so many people’s attention, and the job search will not be so smooth. Just because of their innovative spirit, they are the first to eat crabs, they have received attention from Internet users and recognized, they succeeded. You can imagine in the near future there will be a lot of similar shop, but they will not achieve the same success, because people are always on the first time, new things feel strange, is called a rarity.

many webmasters do little time to calm down, think about the way out of the website, see other webmaster good website model, follow the trend, rarely join their own elements. In doing so, the website is as good as others, but the effect is not necessarily the same as that of others. Nowadays, Internet users are becoming more and more picky and are becoming more and more fierce. For similar websites, they rarely visit again. They also scoff at other imitations. People are becoming more and more tired of copying and copying. This is also a lot of webmaster website traffic not go, Baidu not included reasons >

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