Pornographic door look at Baidu’s own search engine

          I didn’t want to write this article; I was lazy too.

            today, the occasional search "pornographic door" Related words, I feel the power of Baidu artificial ranking.

          please webmaster search   Edison Chan (278630)   Cecilia Cheung (60604), Gillian Chung (13793), A Jiao (25520), pornographic door (253802)   red number is today’s keyword  . Search the amount of these six words, whether you search that row in the first is the same, then who is this first?

        his title is Edison Chan and Cecilia Cheung Gillian Chung (A Jiao) and many other actress caught pornographic _ Baidu entertainment, as long as Baidu’s own web page title contains Baidu keyword, the page will be ranked 100th degree of entertainment content is Baidu your own website, website content of their own, no matter what to be ranked first. Is there any fairness?

          this does not meet the search engine ranking algorithm, Baidu artificial ranking powerful. Sina, Sohu, 67, do you still have the ability to struggle?

          if you continue to rely on the development of search engine, only death!!!!!

          below, give you a way to do the city forum. (for some people)

  specific examples of success, we can see the Hefei forum, we look at it. The forum is currently earning more than 200 thousand a month and is based on the forum. At present, only one of the Hefei forum is big, and other cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing haven’t developed, and you can make great efforts to develop them. I don’t say any more about it. Why?

            a word? Everybody guess!!

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