Knight in recent years experienced the ups and downs in the webmaster Road

I haven’t written articles for a long time, I feel my soft language foundation in retrogression, it seems that the knife is not grinding, really will be born lure ah. So, as a webmaster, should be used to writing soft text to keep their writing skills, will not degenerate, ha ha.

review of the past four years, experienced a lot of groundless talk, it is filled with a thousand regrets. Many webmaster know my website "Knight master station", also in July this year, closed for a whole month, this month, my heart cool to the moon. In fact, because I lost the enthusiasm, lost the direction, so I rarely manage the site, resulting in regulatory calls and mobile phones can not contact me personally. Therefore, the record has been canceled, I still open the station. Later alerted the relevant departments, this department I do not want to say, do not mention how powerful, because this department even now have the strength of the company, but also can not contact, not to mention my personal webmaster. Fortunately, later I was to solve the specific solution, I will not reveal, for fear of offending people, bring down.

over the past four years, I have built many websites and rented many servers. No less than 30 websites have been made and 7 servers have been leased. Also tried to form a team, but when the formation of the team, my knight station has not yet established.

personal growth requires historical opportunities, and history gives me opportunities as well as me. Of course, now I am awake, not asleep, in pain and memory. In those days, I was also a sophomore at Quzhou University, a specialist for two years, the last semester after reading the tuition did not pay, diploma did not take. The tuition money is spent on what is called entrepreneurship. This is the first time in my life to start a business, but also a failure of entrepreneurship.

first: game agents, roads, miserable online myths,

remember, at that time, in the last semester of school, the 35 Internet sea movement, customer service contacted me. Talk about if they join the game operation, how to make money, how to develop, a region of online customers are all yours, and later income is yours. But to join agency fees 8000 yuan. At that time, I did not agree, because there was so much money that I couldn’t get it. I said I was a student, not so much money, I said the family was poor, no money to start a business. He said for me to ask the manager, he later said that after his chunqiangshezhan, the manager agreed to pay 6000 yuan as long as I can join the regional agency. After listening to me, I was moved and so enthusiastic that I spoke very well, and later I realized that this was just his marketing approach, just to improve my performance.

because of feeling saved 2000 yuan, to the home to the money, say I want to start a business. After my lips gun heated parents agreed. The 6000 yuan I earned from the land was given to me. After graduation, I used the 6000 yuan tuition fee to join the agents of the 35 Internet movement of the sea. Later, when I failed in the business, I realized that the 35 Internet business was a big deal. There are a lot of agents, individuals and companies. We don’t make everybody’s money, >

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