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human beings think, God laugh. The reason is probably because the heart God laugh said: those things you think, I already understand, oh. But God’s laughter does not prevent man from continuing to think. According to the time division, we can think about the past, the present and the future. Thinking in the past, social networking sites, video sites, these web sites have taken over. Socializing is a link between past relationships, and movies can evoke some kind of past memory. The current thinking, information portal can afford, provide the latest information, and then we read, comment. Think about the future, and hope for a think tank website.

The definition of

think tank website

There are more than 10000

global think-tank, Chinese also has thousands of home, this is a group of thinking about the future, but also can affect the present person, their product is thought, mostly presented in the form of report or strategy. If these think tank organizations build a web page and sell their reports to customers on the site, it is essentially an enterprise station. Well, there’s no room for analysis. I think the think tank website is like this: you can provide a future analysis of segments, fields, and systems to attract a loyal group of readers and consumers. It is different from the portal information station, because he is not keen on reprint, hot spots, advertising revenue is. It is also different from the community because it does not aim at maximizing popularity. It provides information that is not information and fragmentation; it provides systematic knowledge. It also does not let users into entertainment, shallow abyss, it triggered thinking.

think tank web site audience

think tank web site audience, I rough estimates will have the following categories, one is investment people, their research reports for the industry, data has a natural preference. One is the industry, they want to understand the current situation in the industry as well as the line. The third category is professional managers or business executives who derive ideas and strategies for industry development. The fourth category is enthusiastic Internet users in the field, such as some military think tanks. For the first time, it also includes industry researchers, editors, and so on. They want to process two of the content offered by think tank websites.

Cornerstone of

think tank web site

The cornerstone of the

think tank web site is data, because the content of think tank sites is mostly related to forecasts, and the accuracy of future forecasts depends on data and data analysis. Some industry data are difficult to obtain, such as political, military and other fields, for example, so think tank Rand Kanwa defense. This is because they have known data acquisition channel. Therefore, the big data era, in fact, the direct beneficiaries of the think tank, electricity supplier is also a leader of big data, precisely because of this, whether it is Ali or business treasure, have established their own think tank website. Business treasure B2B Research Center, Ali’s Research Institute, are in this category. The base of the operation of the electricity supplier think tank website

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