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Spring Festival has passed, some of the webmaster has returned to the post. Two days ago has been a high fever, and even new year did not go. It’s much better today, so I’ve got time to update my blog. Everything in our life will be thought by the brain, and then translated into action, we do stand, but also need to be thinking, planning, and then converted to a process of operation. The website can be divided into four stages to plan and operate. Today, Lin Haoming have to give you a brief talk about the 4 stages.

stage 1 perfect phase

do not doubt that the first phase is the perfect period, half of the site in the early days will spend 10~30 days to improve the content of the site. The content needs our collection, the information input and so on. The simple point that is rich in content and page, this is relatively easy to solve, master a locomotive or other acquisition will fix, low hard point manually reproduced, anyway, to ensure a certain degree of content on the website. Don’t give the audience the feeling that we are too tender to stand.

second stage trial operation

you do a station does not operate, do not know the shortcomings, where I take my own love, Zhongshan network for it. I wrote a blog article on "love Zhongshan online" before, but I didn’t do it much later. Because I knew it was wrong, so I put the station to work again. Trial operation period is to give us a chance to perfect the website, and it will make the website more authentic, usable and persuasive.

third phase operation mid

generally speaking, the middle of the operation has been 5 months to six months. In the medium term, we should observe whether the website has reached its own expectation. Such as flow, number of members, advertising cooperation, etc.. Flow is not considered on the flow, not many members will consider increasing viscosity, advertising consider conversion rate. If 5 months can reach traffic, there are members, advertising has been good. However, I believe that the mid term operation generally is six months to two years, especially local stations need time to soak.

fourth stage operation late

later I think is the need to improve the brand, brand advertising will increase high price. What’s more, the scope of business is expanding, just as website operations add and subtract. When the site is ready, it extends to all the details, but we don’t necessarily extend to the details. It can be extended to other areas, and if you are currently a forum, you can make a local female station and so on.

above four stages is my personal 4 stage of website operation, also is a successful website than go 4 stage. Unless you are a celebrity, you can become famous overnight. Otherwise, these 4 stages are necessary. I am still in the second stage of the site, I hope the Zhongshan network can do it quickly.

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