Let shop overnight popular 18 trick


1, a lot of buyers search baby will use the method to search the store, this time name is very important! Therefore, you’d better store selling products and store the relevant nature wrote together. A name easy to pronounce and personality are often large, maybe the buyer directed your name to go to the store to see! Easy to remember a very important indicator, so if the guests want to find your shop again, more convenient.


store: store is an image of the shop, the shop standard made static, it is a waste of resources! In general, dynamic things more attractive than static things eye, so, when customers search for shops, or enter the shop, suddenly can be dynamic store to attract.

3, bulletin board: bulletin boards are used for advertising in a certain way. Many customers like to look at the bulletin board at the store. So what discount promotions do not miss! Contact method is not write! If there is a counter better! So themselves and the buyer can see visitors shop every day, to understand the popularity of the store! But as far as possible the bulletin is concise and comprehensive, rolling the announcements will be too long people do not have the patience to see


4, shop recommendation: shop recommended although there are six legal recommendation only, but also must take advantage! Because buyers into your shop, see first is recommended on the commodity shop! This is the first impression to the baby! So be sure to take the most beautiful in the shop affordable baby! For the recommendation problem, the seller can also buy baby template, because template provides a lot of recommendation, so customers when browsing a single baby, you can also browse more recommended


5 store message: many sellers are waiting for buyers to leave a message here, really good to waste! Here, you can also write their own messages, some preferential information, contact method, naphthenics what! This is also a way of advertising. Of course, when you go shopping, also can go to the seller shops in the message, praised her shop also wrote on their own preferential information, invite her to your shop to see, this is not advertising? Just do not get explicit, or distasteful


6, personal space: many people will forget this place. But, from the forum click your avatar, the first place to enter is here! Why should it be empty? Quickly write the store promotion information and the latest preferential policies. Let ads be everywhere,


7, credit rating: This is where you see your personal credit, and many buyers and sellers will see it every day. Want bulk advertising! Remember in the evaluation of information back to others, you can also add your own shop related information! Many people see you leave so attractive, not consciously will come to your shop to see! But remember, do not too much, otherwise, it will be deleted



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