The first thing that needs to be done is to complete the new station

new station completion need to do the first thing is what? Should be seduce spider, let search engine fast included station. The so-called new station to complete, of course, does not mean that the binding of corn installed procedures, even if completed, before you have to have some basic web site content. Take my website, it is also a new station, just completed today. "Brain corners" With the basics, we can start our journey to seduce spiders.

how to make search engines fast included? Of course not to the webmaster love where Admin5 write a soft Wen, we all know that many sites will often go to the A5 collection of articles, so you A5 released the article must be able to bring a lot of chain. The chain is to seduce spiders must condition, so new station finish need to do the first thing is to A5, thank you article.

and, in other words, one or two good quality links. Of course, since it is a high quality friendship link, people like me who have no face are hard to find. No high quality friendship links, similar site links, or new sites are included also, but don’t add too much a time, keep one or two a day is enough. Can not find links, it does not matter, you can write some articles published everywhere, bring some of the chain, relying on the chain to guide spiders to climb our website, but should pay attention to maintain a degree Oh.

new station need to do the first thing, basically is like this, is purely personal view, there is nothing wrong with much inclusion, pay attention to care for the environment, do not throw your head,


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