Use the school website to promote the website

play school for a long time, found a way to promote the site SNS, we all know that SNS website published a log or update the state all the friends can see, this is today we say, the key is here.

well, today I get into traditional, sports sites for example, for example, we want to promote a "track forum" this is sports, so we went to the school network registered a new account name, of course to write, writing of the school is the key, the type of sports the site of the target group is the sports people, translated words is sports colleges, such as Shandong Sports Institute, Beijing Sport University.

China has a lot of sports colleges, students are practicing sports, love sports, college students in addition to classes on the Internet! So the promotion effect will be very good, then crazy with friends, plus sports college students friends, plus hundreds of, this needs patience, I Chinese my forum to promote athletics that has registered an account in various sports colleges and universities, light of friends and there are more than 5000 people, then every day or have time to log on campus, such as the subject for " I China in track and field forum. " a title like this. In this case, your friend will see you and publicize your website,

and tell you a little trick. When you’re going to register on campus, use a woman number and send some pretty pictures, so that’s attractive. I have been using this method to promote my Chinese track and field forum for 1 months. It worked very well and brought a lot of older members, because these people love sports,


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