Website revision case analysis thunderbolt Daquan revision summary



thunder Daquan is a one-stop platform for Internet users to discover and access digital content platform services. "Discovery" includes search, discovery, and browsing discovery. "Capture" includes both playback and download.

rich content covers movies, television dramas, variety, animation, music, video, games, entertainment, information, download the multi-dimensional information, and supports online and on-demand download, increase the convenience of users. Through the client, Daquan can present a variety of product forms, in order to meet the diverse needs of different users, in order to better improve product coverage.


thunderbolt Daquan closely follow the trend of the Internet, in response to changes in market demand, timely and rapid development. The whole project period is very tight, the project is directly initiated by the product department, and then the design department carries out the relevant visual design matching. In the whole process of the project, the designer can maximize the initiative, the design will be directly connected with the product, development, seamless, reduce communication links, and quickly drive the progress of the project.



style is still thunder main blue colors for the premise, but also abandoned before the old blue collocation, the main colors in a more fresh and beautiful blue as the interface style, in order to better closer to customers, showing a new visual experience.

in the blue tone selection, after a different blue contrast, chose moderate saturation of lake blue, using 2 shades of blue over treatment of interface effects.






1, head structure adjustment: search box re layout, adjust the texture of the weight, so that the search function can be more scalable, while highlighting the brand LOGO, strengthen user perception.


2, increase the entrance of the expansion column: Generally speaking, there is no reduction in click rate in the column displayed on the first screen. Here, expand the entry of the expansion column to attract more clicks and improve the visiting rate.

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