Qinhuai in dream the correct way of network marketing from the end period of Buddhist Scripture

today to see such a word in the slot [past] blog: "Buddha said, at the end of the era of intelligent method without wisdom." Suddenly realize. This passage reviewed is the recent popular network on Lan Dong, red this female incident. The two story is also called ‘network marketing.

smart, or intelligent, is indeed a question worth pondering. Lenovo to 80 years ago, the poet Bian Zhilin had sigh: "we the people, penny wise and pound – foolish". At that time, 54 flags is hot, the Japanese invasion of tigers. Mr. Bian small clever, refers to the literati debauch. The great wisdom of the whole country, but how to resist the enemies. Good words, and ultimately to the carved Jili worm "collection. Sigh, words, dissolute, but also congratulate Sir found the great wisdom of life.

research sites, such as SEO, the wind of technology, but do not know the strongest SEO is original. The best web site, SEO, is effective content integration. Look at the so-called network architecture, praised the so-called network products, hee hee if nothing more than copy the river’s carp, change, few people can do something seriously


helpless, we were born in the end of the law, can ask for a Noah’s ark,

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