Talking about the key word ranking but no traffic reason analysis and Solutions

responsible for the company’s website promotion about two years, the main auction in addition to Baidu, SEO is optimized, the normal work, the rest is always at the A5 forum post, to learn something.

at the forum, often asks "why my keyword ranking is very good, but traffic is rarely?" on this issue, I do some answer according to some of my experiences, such as specific detail place, please enlighten.

keyword ranking, no traffic, the problem may appear in a few points:

1, select optimized keywords, there are a lot of Baidu bidding.

A machine I am responsible for the site

( as an example, probably because the industry is partial, so the search of the word sawing machine is absolutely related to potential customers, so there are a lot of Baidu ppc. Apart from the 10 home, continuous over 5 pages, many still on the right side of the page to participate in the auction, the industry saw the word competition is fierce, so even if you optimize the ranking first, can be faced with a large number of bids, search traffic was stolen, no traffic is reasonable, after all, people spend money well.

The correlation between

2 and the title does not match the needs of the customers and is not enough to attract potential customers.

now from Baidu related release documents, more and more requirements of the webmaster from customer demand, not to flow and flow. So in the optimization after a period of time, to the website ranking keywords and practical advice, to re do keyword demand analysis, for example, is still the sawing site as an example, if only from the word sawing machine, sawing machine is the price customers consulting is looking for more manufacturers? Sawing machine sawing machine or to? To find a high performance? It is difficult to identify customer requirements, so must through detailed analysis of customer needs to focus on the combination of their own advantages, to develop their own website title. Click rate will be high, the natural ranking is relatively stable.

3, keyword index selection is inappropriate, resulting in less coverage crowd.

keyword search index, the absolute number of traffic is also one of the key factors. After all, now the keyword competition pressure, so many advocate long tail keywords layout. If your strategy is the long tail keywords layout strategy, you need to have a variety of related long tail keywords large, to support the flow, if only one or two long tail keywords ranking, flow is very small. Therefore, to solve this problem, we should consider it from different optimization strategies.

above solution analysis methods, but in their own operations in some summary experience, I hope all of you help. Reprinted, please note URL, thank you!


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