Please don’t debug the source code in the station

here or to warn you, source code is just for everyone to learn to use, should not be directly used as a station. My free web station through their own efforts to have the PR value of 2, indexed by Baidu and GG is normal, a number of Related words in Guan Jian Baidu ranked first or home, traffic from Baidu in the daily growth, GG advertising revenue has increased, although every day to update on the website is very busy stop, but to see these achievements " " my heart is still very happy.

(June 30, 2009) afternoon, in order to strengthen and was prompted by a sudden impulse, and the exchange website, I downloaded from the Internet QQ service source, inadvertently uploaded to the server directly because the source code debugging, the problem, resulting in web page access speed is very slow, I did not give up, and to download multiple source code debugging spent the afternoon, it was not successful (and is the main source after the access speed is very slow), had to delete the customer source. And the day of normal traffic.

at noon today, I opened the website traffic statistics background, found that today’s traffic suddenly become small, and search traffic from several of Guan Jian’s Ci has zero, my heart suddenly cold half, immediately query keywords, find that they have disappeared from the home page, and the first 100 pages have disappeared, I I understand that the station was Baidu down the right treatment, the number of articles and also included less than half of the original, this loss is really too big. Do now these results, it is I spent a lot of effort ah. At this moment, I can only blame myself too careless, modify the site should be amended in the local upload server, this station is at least

management knowledge!

personal estimate, my site is down right, the main reason is the adjustment in the server ASP source code, causing the site to ask by the rate of decline, Baidu spider that the server was right down, I hope the webmaster to learn a lesson, do not arbitrarily on your website if you want to debug source code, debugging, the best in the local computer debugging after upload to the server! How to prevent the site is down right, is every webmaster should pay much attention to the problem, because most of the owners still rely on Baidu and GG to get traffic, so we have no reason to oppose them, as a webmaster, should pay attention to the following eight questions, to prevent your site is down right or is K.

, a web site was linked to horse

program site due to loopholes or server security settings properly, resulting in a number has not been linked to horse, you will soon find from Google to flow down very much, until the 0. Baidu took similar action right down, but the time was not so obvious, slowly to flow gradually reduce the. Therefore, we must do a good job in safety.

Reliability of

two and IDC

servers are equivalent to the infrastructure in the national economy, and stability and reliability are the basic requirements. Don’t covet cheap, find some very bad >!

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