The winter of online movie sites has come

news links: SARFT on strengthening the management of Internet audio-visual program content notice:

this notice is tantamount to a clear sound of thunder, and like a super storm, the Duoxinxin struggling to make the movie station webmaster scraped into an icy abyss!

First, second, third of the

notifications are beyond reproach, regulating the content of online audio-visual programs and putting an end to vulgarity. But the fourth: "four, Internet audio-visual program service spread television, must comply with the relevant provisions of the administration of Radio Film and television, radio and television administrative department issued in accordance with the law to obtain the" license for public projection of films "," teleplay issues license "or" TV cartoons issued permits "; theoretical literature film communication shall be made in accordance with the law of radio and television administrative departments issued a" academic literature movie televise licence ". Without obtaining the "license for public projection of films" domestic and foreign films, not made "teleplay issues license" of domestic and foreign TV drama, has not made the "TV cartoon issues license" of domestic and foreign cartoons and without obtaining the "academic literature movie televise licence" of the sacrifice film will not be allowed on the internet."

in short, with the advantage of network, the outstanding foreign movies and TV programs quickly spread to the domestic online movie website will only become a nostalgic collection of antique film archives.

for a long time, the major video and movie websites have become the only and most convenient channel for netizens to watch American TV dramas and Korean and Japanese dramas online. Under the "home" and a number of film and television production team of hard and selfless efforts, we can also have the majority of fans lucky, in the reform and opening up has been thirty years today, fortunately can in the shortest possible time to enjoy the latest TV drama works across the ocean. "Escape" from the first quarter to the fourth quarter, a TV and a gust of fever; and let more domestic women fascinated by Japanese drama is to become the majority of fans in particular is an important content of the spiritual life of the female fans. The Japanese and Korean style but also let everyone on the stars of the clothes and hairstyles, dress, cosmetic and so on in droves, Taobao is not a lot of other people at a certain star and go on the buy? It seems to expand domestic demand, stimulate consumption is also good Oh, oh


however, TV drama is rich in resources, updating the content of each big video and movie website quickly free days seemed to come to an end, with the introduction of the State Administration of radio, the "on the strengthening of Internet audio and video content management notice" and come to an end. The circular clearly states that "films, TV plays, cartoons, theoretical documents, films and television films that are not licensed are not allowed to be disseminated on the Internet."". Well, let’s see what movies can be licensed: most of them are made only in China

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