Website dispersed traffic and multi platform promotion

, I’ve sorted out the directions for the 2013 SEO optimization strategy, and the future trends of SEO:

(1) website’s dispersed traffic is still the most important thing that each website must pay attention to.

although our website is mainly based on SEO, we never think SEO is the most indispensable item of network marketing, but we should not take any network marketing single item as the only strategy.

, that is, must take into account the SEO traffic, Youku traffic, Tudou traffic… And other traffic, not because of a blocked road and affect the survival of the entire site. Especially to see many SMEs rely on Baidu SEO traffic to run their website, is a very dangerous thing, if you let Baidu K dropped, it would be fatal.

you don’t know when you’re going to lose SEO traffic, because the positive SEO control is in someone else’s hands, so you have to be more decentralized.

Especially in recent days to

, BD and the war of 360, 360 foot search business, and Baidu began to do free antivirus, two are beginning to melee fighting, the result is fine? Or high score? Is unknown, but Baidu never let it go, free traffic so we cannot all rely on Baidu the need to pay more attention to the other search engines.

The strategy of

(2) multi search platform

The diversity of

has been Baidu and other search engines in the evaluation of natural and man-made a standard, if the anchor text is too simple, so more links are useless, if a large number of links from a web site, then the more links are in vain, so a wide range of published original articles.

diversity is the most important project in 2013, you should view the diversity of the anchor text, you link your diversity, diversity, diversity of your traffic sources of your network marketing, your diversity. In a word, open your eyes and look at 2013, there are too many different new things waiting for you, don’t keep the old thinking to boring SEO, even you should not only pay attention to the words, in addition to SEO pay special attention to the text, video audio and video content will be next year the key.

(3) using the web site

is now the major sites have launched their own application platform, with the development of your business related applications, such as you do Feng Shui, can do some hair name test, Feng Shui and other related applications in application of


such traffic is very impressive, if it is software, it will spread to the major software station

anyway, just put your eggs in one

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