Rongcheng information port how to break through the county website

my city of Rongcheng, is a county-level city, see Wikipedia information on the "Rongcheng city is located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The total area is 1392 square kilometers. By the end of 2008, the total population of the city’s population was 667472." From the map, Rongcheng is in the easternmost part of Shandong, and is far away from Korea and japan. Economically speaking, Rongcheng is one of the few in Shandong, although the economy is relatively developed, but the city population, and scattered, Shidao harbor economy are good, in general, the population of Rongcheng is not many.

before I do Rongcheng information port, also found a few websites, but wait for my Rongcheng harbor to do up, just discover Rongcheng does not have ten websites, most popularity is not very flourishing. Really do not do this line, do not understand the relevant market situation. Since it is no huitoujian at Rongcheng now! Website several local, their website technically do not perfect, the function is very simple, is a forum, the administrator may also have no time and energy to what management forum, has not formed a discussion of the environment, it is not hot nor cold.


wants to break through, then say some advantages of Rongcheng Information Port:

1, all the information generated static file, which is conducive to search engines included;

2, contacts, pictures, words, you can protect the privacy of users, we must suffer from a phone call harassment, so that the phone number can not be automatically collected;

3, any illegal information will be deleted, never tolerated, to the vast number of Internet users to leave useful information, so that the Internet will trust your website;

maybe a lot of people don’t think it’s any good, but the website starts with every little detail, and we plan to add some other human functions,


here is a little publicity:

1, printing leaflets in the important sections of the distribution, in fact, the effect is not good, we can try;

2, printed with a web site address T-shirt, so that everyone else can see, the best bright colored, every day to go to the local supermarket around, should be able to draw a large part of the popularity.

Rongcheng information port, welcome Paizhuan master

, common progress!Since the choice of the

website, we must persevere, believe that one day will seem


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