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portal from the regional definition basically is based on the local city, from the website content is comprehensive information is integrated at present the city has been basically formed the industry website content, including classified information, press releases, real estate information, group purchase, several major sections for job recruitment, and integration of the forum program these plates, if to be comprehensive and effective utilization, it gives users a more centralized and comprehensive information platform. Broadly speaking, this is an ideal site, should be user support, will have a very high hit rate, in fact, if we do not promote, the portal will be difficult to survive, because other industry websites such as local real estate network, talent network, news network has been in their hearts root. Then, how can we let users access our website? From my own point of view of the operation of the portal, there are several aspects worth discussing with you.

1, team operation,

as a web portal, which relates to the forum and the content is very wide, if you are a person is the webmaster administrator + + + marketing and customer service Villepin post, I think you have superhuman powers is not possible to the portal network normal operation, let it play the role of portal website. As the start of the portal website of course should not increase too much manpower, it will increase the operating costs, usually 3-5 people can make a clear division of labor, solidarity, formulate strict assessment system together, for website development and make suggestions, if the huaiguitai, or you do not have the Adsense ability of team management, and marketing experience, that it’s closed.

2, the use of legal program source code, and make the appropriate two development

some Adsense is just a hobby, or to pass the time, this is not to say, but if you really want to expand the site, and their inability to develop the program source code, recommended to choose suitable genuine source to use copyright, choose the genuine source of benefits: one is if the site will not be made after the scale the legal program developers, followed by the source will not be artificially injected Trojan or some BUG, BUG system itself developers will also help you reduce your correction, so in the study of source of the time consumption.

a I in and a gateway program communicate with customer service, I asked her: there are so many problems in your program, why don’t you fix the function and one-time add integrity, and to gradually corrected, every period of time to a upgrade edition? Is the program personnel technical problems or your company strength. Perhaps a lot of people don’t know what she’s saying, and I’m surprised by her answer, and she’s telling the truth. She said: if we all R & D open to the user, no suspense, our product sales to the later how? I have had three companies, regardless of their source, at the time of sale that is how perfect program, there are some BUG>

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