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recently, I did a movie site, although it was built a month, but the flow is not bad, the daily IP difference, there are 1000, PV, there are more than 2000, OK?. Why do think of a movie website? Do you not see the Chinese film industry is developing quickly, almost all from young to old, love the movie, and the movie station is the most easy to flow, so the movie website will have great development prospects.

below, I will talk about the site for one month, some views on the development of the film site.

1. the name of the site to choose a good name, not only represents the taste and connotation of a website, but also a good name easier for visitors to remember, so the best cartoon, or digital point, easy to remember. My website is to use digital called 0574 bar, can also be! I was in Ningbo, Ningbo is the 0574 code, so it took. In fact, is also very good. Remember, yb778 can be understood as: "go to the movies!"

2. website to update daily movies, not only to the latest movie, but also a part of some of the classic film dead.

not everyone likes to watch the latest movies. Some people are nostalgic and enjoy watching some of the classic movies.

The speed of the

3. website is fast. It’s very important. In a good movie network, no one wants to see it if it’s taken once a minute.

3., some of the movie site has just a little traffic, plus pop-up ads, this is a bad choice. Even in the relatively large number of domestic sites have popups, we are more disgusted. One more thing, the best sites don’t have to register to see movies. The key is to make it easy for moviegoers to watch movies so that they can be kept.

4. outside the chain, do not too much outside the chain, nor is it necessary to do similar web site to do the chain. If all links are made on movie sites, links are movie sites and people don’t want to click on your site. But on different types of websites, it’s like a little red in the green.

sources, the movie network can get the latest sources, so we need some entertainment information often concerned about the network, television, newspaper. Watch the developments in the film industry, etc.. This will not fall behind.

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