Careless move toward the road of grassroots webmaster 1

this year’s financial crisis really came, it is time for a few years ago, I let the rapid development of the capital market dizzy, and all the funds reached the fund, with confidence to close at 8000. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, and fell to 2000 of the time, can not stand the loss of principal, so often search the Internet how to make money.

in June saw a Alibaba selling website, said shopping discount how to make money, it is hooked, so XINGRAN bought a station, the name of ebuy123. Station is established, but also to promote ah, it kept on posting to the forum, the result of busy for several weeks, the effect is very small, a little cheated feeling. But still want to thank this station selling, let me like the webmaster career.


in the webmaster forum, especially Admin5, I have a basic understanding of the station, and they began to learn frontpage, build what station is good, I study the financial, financial executives, navigation station is not well built, we will build a financial planner navigation station, this need not maintain good. To frontpane a little to understand that I spent a week time to establish a navigation website, right when the website, actually only a few pages, after all, is my first work, after the completion of the contact space business, also do not understand, learn, what name ah, become familiar with them in the station in the process of. After two weeks of shift, I search based network is established. Let’s start the publicity.

I often log financial professional website – vault network, the forum to speak more, in the text of publicity, not a week, my ID is closed, I had to go through SMS way to invite friends to my station. Through unremitting efforts, the daily IP is about 10. Through a period of experience, I know my website content is not enough, through a variety of ways to add content, but also increased the web game, but popularity is still not good. Careful analysis, my station is indeed very poor technology, there is no content, there is no reason to support the establishment of a financial station.

so, recently I have been interested in the local forum, through the Admin5 know DZ, use this site, so community Feicheng, my second websites so established. This is my second step toward the grassroots webmaster, because the work is busy, today wrote this. I hope you can communicate with me and publicize my site,, thank you again Admin5 for providing me with the opportunity, I will always support you.

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