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these days, busy to help the website find friendship links, experience again and again not suitable, also experienced a surprise. Dealing with different friendships makes me learn how to calm down and find the best solution. I’ll share my experience with you,

first, first of all, I would like to introduce the website which I need to optimize,, which is a professional website for the virtual host and domain name registration. The key word is "virtual host"". Its basic situation is PR3, Baidu included normal, snapshot three days update, looking for the same kind of industry, basically is some website construction, website optimization, webmaster home kind of web site.

first opened a forum, entered the Links exchange Post Bar, post number very much, but many are some old posts, but there are some most corporate websites and entertainment, website construction is relatively small,

so I simply found the webmaster forum, the webmaster of this page, on the QQ homeopathic chat up:

"Hello, we are… And would like to exchange links with your website."."

"PR?" sounds like contempt.

"our PR is 3, but we have just set up a website and are making great efforts to develop it."." I am more sincere.

"well, we don’t trade with PR below 5,"

heard the heart will cool half, find friendship link, meet other people’s cold sight is very common, here need more calm. Of course, he has some reason to cool us, and PR is definitely the most important factor for friendship. I understand that the newly built website should try to find PR or a slightly larger website, so that it can start smoothly.

then I sent ads in several QQ groups, waiting for someone to come. In fact, QQ group can not be used as the main way, but nothing to do advertising, good luck, change links is still relatively fast.. Suddenly there is a Shanghai website network owners found me, ask some corresponding situation are also normal, and later entered his website, suddenly realize that links to the inside pages, so I give up the exchange, of course does not have to say in the page links is an important factor, the two level is better than what the domain name and jump "is much better. However, it is my consistent principle to do the perfect link.

then I will directly in Baidu search keywords "website construction", decided to various parts of the website construction in all the test again, although this method is cumbersome, but I personally think that is the most practical, the most objective of. After the contact there are many just passable, some sites do cross links, I consider this is not considered urgent to give up, which is contrary to the purpose of Links itself, again not to check this link, but not suitable for management.

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