A little experience on improving the user experience of the website

has long wanted to write an article about the user experience, and it’s important for me to capture the user experience for the lottery sales websites, because the competition in this industry is too fierce. I don’t dare to say much about the user experience of other websites. I think I can say a few words about ·, such as ·, ·, ·, ·, ·, and

one, so that users can rest assured that

truly let users rest assured lottery website is the first thing to do, the lottery is a special consumer goods, it can not determine the value of a winning lottery ticket worth up to tens of millions or even billions, and a non winning lottery ticket is not worth a hair. Many lottery willing to pay money to buy lottery tickets, is to win the lottery, very few lottery is to offer love, if it is really love, then this way, good way to go. The user in the lottery website, the biggest doubt is: if I win you not to do? So the lottery website must release the bonus to that principle in the first place, let the user understand how to get the winning bonus. In addition, rely on myself is not enough, the winning notice website existing users is also an important embodiment, if over 5 million awards website, publicity announcements on the site to do out of first place, this is undoubtedly a strong attraction to the user, to visit two implications: one is the site block blessed is the site of winning, two integrity and 5 million awards still press about issuing lottery. In fact, this also involves a technical problem of the network of lottery sales, Internet sale of color is a kind of paperless lottery is through real name, real name authentication in each lottery lottery lottery betting 178 online shopping, and the data are the formal name and user ID number is bound into the welfare lottery center database so, the actual holders every note lottery can find this note lottery, which avoids the loss of the traditional lottery to award, lottery center regulations, in a single note bonus reaches a certain amount, the person must hold a valid identity document the welfare lottery center to receive, so in the 178 lottery lottery network the user does not exist in the award to get bonuses, but this information to convey to the user, in order to allow users to believe (which I don’t want to mention Chinese The integrity of the Internet problem, so sad) I want to record the winning website, the most convincing! Even if the site is not in a level 5 million award, so small prize tens of thousands of reports also best not to let go.

two, allowing users to facilitate

Chinese people concentrated in the 30-50 years old, people in this age group has a certain economic strength, with a stroke of courage and strength! This part of the lottery are many do not understand the Internet or do not understand the computer, these people to the lottery website requires two words: simple. Ma Yun once said, "don’t get so much advanced technology. Do your website on the street for ten."

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