Analysis of the influence of domain name system on the development of DC industry

called domain name real name system is to require users to register domain names, to fill in true, accurate, complete registration information. The administrative organ shall carry out substantive examination of the business license of the domain name application entity, the specific address of the legal representative, the actual size of the business and the authenticity of the business entity, and shall file the matter with the relevant administrative organ for the record. Since CNNIC in December 2009 launched a comprehensive CN domain name management, millions of users have the domain name call from CNNIC to verify the domain name registration, fully embodies the CNNIC domain name system for serious and responsible spirit.

I think

, domain name registration information real name system has three main advantages: first, domain name system is conducive to the protection of the rights of domain name registration, domain name is to prevent malicious theft, normal application environment maintenance domain name system; two, to strengthen supervision, to prevent the harm of network fishing, fraud, to create a healthy and orderly the integrity of the Internet environment; three, the full protection of the legitimate rights and interests of companies, can effectively avoid the domain name infringement caused by disputes and lawsuits.

from the China anti phishing alliance released the latest data show that in 2010 March were identified and stopped the DNS 1085 phishing sites, including CN domain phishing sites dropped, from the beginning of the 545 to 80 in March, accounted for only 7.4% of the total, while the COM domain name of phishing sites 1005, accounting for up to 92.6%. It can be said that the real name system of domain name has largely curbed the occurrence of bad Internet applications.

then, how will the domain name system affect the IDC industry?

can not be denied, since the end of 2009, many IDC enterprises especially small and medium-sized IDC business has been badly hit, some companies and even the entire batch cabinet weaning, including condemning many IDC companies have also been many webmaster. However, according to the author’s observation, there are still a large number of IDC service providers to maintain business continuity and rapid growth.

the author consulted a senior industry analysts, 59 Internet general manager Li Yan, Lee said, the carrier of any industry exists in the development of country and society, affected by national policies, monitor and guide the country is essential. As a IDC enterprise, while seeing the immediate interests, it should take on the social responsibility of the enterprise. We should see, in the current round of Internet rectification activities, to solve some of the long-standing network of "network fraud", "false business" and other ills, to solve a certain social problems. Although the process of perfecting the industry has brought pains for some IDC enterprises, the process is a process of "going to the northeast" and "survival of the fittest". As long as the powerful IDC enterprises can conscientiously interpret policies and conscientiously implement policies, they will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the long-term development of enterprises. In short, there is no bad industry, only bad enterprises. Since 2009, the Internet has been rectified

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