Good mentality is the key to the success of webmaster

as a webmaster should first have a good attitude, why do we stand, only to go clear to deeper development, some people in order to make money to build a career, some people like, some people is to pass the time, if you are two, you can say that the mentality is very good, if it is the first to congratulate you, because you took a very challenging way. And this article exactly want to talk about the station as the cause of the webmaster, should have what kind of mentality.

as we all know, how many of these large and small websites are not AD?. However, now website advertising, want to easily make money? Now Wangzhuan career has shrunk. The competition is more and more intense, the stationmaster’s condition has not been optimistic. We firmly believe that "left is king", we should maintain a calm state of mind in this adversity, in order to better development, and now I try to talk about my mind, the webmaster should have what mentality:

1, time to put health in the first place, if the owners of the constitution as a "1" to "0", compared to the results of establishment of "0 Representatives" more more, but if the "1" fall, "0" in what is the significance? To this point, I have a deep feeling. I suggest that you take a look, another article "the most should" SEO "the word is" health

2, hobbies should be the starting point of the station. To admire some hobbies for the purpose of the webmaster, they generally no matter what SEO, no matter what the optimization ranking is completely with hobbies, enrich their site content, very practical experience to take care of the user, but also of their site theme are very familiar, from hobbies, so they will never abandon persist. These are precisely the key to the success of the site, so love is great, from here can be reflected.

3, insisted in the end, many novice webmaster have a psychological impetuous, very quick, unrealistic, what Baidu is not included, anxious, what’s up and down ah, anxious, what into the hourglass box ah, and anxious. In fact, as long as we grasp the establishment of general principle, everything becomes just phenomenon to short-term profits, is normal, you see in many years of free, bianzhaofaer began to profit.

4, combined with industry, if you just focus on upgrading the traffic, the IP converted to advertising revenue, in this regard, I am afraid that far from their own web site benefits to the extreme. At first we should formulate a long-term plan to make the website website development, and eventually industrial combine, such as what I do now Womens I can occupy a space for one person in the future positioning in the online sales of clothing, or open a shop in is also a good choice.

some of the above mentality, I really think that individual webmaster should have, and hope to share with you, can give >

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