Discussion where is the successful way for student webmaster website

I have to admit that being a student station master is difficult. And can stick to the site, promotion of this pass is not many people. The ancients said: " line hundred Li, fifty Li half, hundred miles who are few, also ". Let me talk about some of the experiences I’ve made from websites.

1. first say website

It’s not difficult for a smart person to do

, but be sure to pay attention to the artist of the website (if you download the program, you must choose the style or modify it yourself). If a web site’s art is not good, it is unable to retain Internet users. But the picture can not be too much, the site clean and concise, the entire site should be harmonious colors, not too dazzling.

2. site theme

the theme of a website in fact determines the size of the station’s future, but also determines the size of the future flow of the station. There is a saying that the theme decides everything. And choose the theme, this problem is the majority of students webmaster forever pain…… If you are a literary Station, no one is a few efficient Internet writers, and it would be tough for you. Stealing from other stations? That’s a matter of copyright. Besides, if you do a movie station, actually appears to be a good choice (for example, as far as I know there is a very successful student webmaster do this is the seven paper cinema www.qween.cn) if someone want to do this site you can take this as a reference station. But the problem is that because it’s so hot, so many people do this kind of station, so what’s the future? No, definitely not.

3. website promotion this, I don’t want to say more. Because in the promotion, there must be long patience.

4. also today I want to say that the main place to take is to show the student webmaster a road, a website theme. Every year, hundreds of millions of senior students graduate from the United States. They want to inquire about a large number of university information from all over the country, and their parents also have to check. Their relatives still have to help. We can count on tens of millions of people to improve ah. So, make a national university information station. From the history of colleges and Universities – – strong colleges and universities and nearly five years of admission line information —- university rankings —- professional rankings —- that will count countless traffic.

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