Don’t write soft article recently

or I should say, don’t write soft text on chianz, Admin5, and im286 sites. Soft Wen is really no use ah, these days wrote a few soft, depending on the site within the chain [PR] [steadily write a good article to create millions of thought on the promotion of website traffic] help, who knows is not such a thing, I really is to write the soft down, it also is what don’t write well. Let me tell you something about my experience.

here to advise you, if it is soft, nothing to write, do not write, because when you have something to write about, you can go online to copy and paste, so that one was not interesting, write a few people to see, to see people will also very disgusted the promotion of such unfavorable on the website of the future, or wait until you have something to write, write the real feelings, others do not believe you, the wolf story everyone must have heard of it? So, for you to copy and paste the others, only to a web site, as the original was published, this is not what the future is not what all don’t write.

in addition, you write soft text, not in the webmaster station such kind of station, write soft Wen, and want to face your web site’s main browser, write soft text. Your website is to see who, write for who the soft text, so that there will be spread effect, will let your website have flow. I was browsing chianz, Admin5 and im286, found that some of the webmaster write soft article is good, but the wrong published where you stand not for webmasters, you publish your webmaster oriented soft here, in addition to cheat a few IP in the past, will expose you to do stand ideas if you are a very creative unique station, then you stand in a soft, there will soon be a hundred as you stand out and your competition, you just wait for a few worthless IP and The loss outweighs the gain..

TXT e-book download forum do not stand days, the next few e-books to see also good, ha ha,

the above two paragraphs, please think about what is the truth? The original, but also look fine.


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