nterview Hu Yong Jiang Qiping doing nternet business needs luck

Hu Yong introduction:

Hu Yong is the first person to penetrate into the importance of digital society and introduce it into Chinese life. His translation of "shuozihuashengcun" was named the 20 years of reform and opening up of the 20 most influential books of the nationwide, sparked a revolution of ideas of life; he wrote "King" network is Guoneishoubu fully introduce the birth of the Internet, development, current situation and future trends of the monograph, and launched by the young Czech press in Taiwan, known as "the understanding of network development the most informative book". "Digital survival" and "network king" have become the popular language of contemporary China. Hu Yong has become one of the most influential initiates in promoting the early development of China’s internet.

Jiang Qiping introduction:

was founded in 1998, the "Internet Weekly", the current editor, with Chinese Academy of social sciences information research center secretary general, "Network Culture Series" author, is one of the earliest network in China during the period of the enlightenment, "the Silicon Valley times" was named one of the 20 Chinese lead us to the digital era in the following IT; "analysts" era, network culture and media convergence IT elite, organized the "Digital Forum", the main works include "twenty-first Century", "network operation this storm", "digital home", "the digital era of wealth and business", as in "emerging digital economy" etc..

brilliant view:

– when a lot of Internet business pioneer, later became a pioneer in the martyrs, they really do too early, too early: eyes moved too early, but the business environment is not mature, even netizens are not, is still an ivory tower. But did they break, not so many of today’s Internet users and service.

Zhang Shuxin is the earliest access to Chinese yinghaiwei, her Chinese is actually the earliest SNS. Although the interface is very simple, but it is a form of network community, including credit and stuff, in fact, and then q is the same reason. At that time you can see the interaction of Internet users and sense of community responsibility.

– at that time, the Internet was particularly expensive, I encountered the most embarrassing one, is to pay a monthly salary of the phone fee (then dial-up Internet), lined up, and finally 10 Fen, when no one would lend me. The Internet, e-mail and other ten minutes, a few hours are very common things, because I do not know what is fast, so it did not feel slow.

– history has given the Internet business to explore the "martyrs" who are a correct evaluation, Zhang Shuxin, they are these people in China’s history of the Internet, no matter how they can not go around. They have more dreams than successful people who have succeeded in the Internet business environment, and they are a sense of mission rather than business.

Internet provides a tool for looking at the world

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