How can make my station make money

this year I have been asked, "marginal people, now what station more promising? What do the station can earn more money?" I replied: "I don’t know what the website can make a bigger", they will ask: "you are not". The station is long? You should know it, said some of their own experience! "This time I really do not know how to answer, I really don’t know what good experience can be taught, talk about a few individual preliminary opinions here.

1: do fine, there is market. Personal Adsense Energy Limited, results sites do too much are you busy busy here and there, in the end what was not good, I like the page now, I feel more and more do too big, busy busy here there very hard ah. But I want to cut which piece, and I can not bear, because they are a plus one of the data, they are very good things that they think. It’s a pity to cut it off. Later, I developed a new station: non mainstream station really do not long, and now there are about 1000IP, and PV is also relatively high, I personally feel that there is more development.

two: be familiar with the field of national law. Everything is good at being familiar with the field. Without you, you won’t know the needs of your visitors, and you won’t be able to do your website well. For a long time, many friends called me to do the private server website, in fact, we all know that the website is a huge profits, but I have not done, one is not familiar with. Because I do not play games, second is afraid to do illegal service, illegal things do not do. Many friends say, do beauty station what, although I am more familiar with, it is estimated that men are familiar with this thing. But I do not do, the truth, a little timid, afraid ah. I can’t make money like this.

three: consider the web site for the object, prospects: flow, flow, flow "is now more, old users have many more advertising, now, now," it certainly some money. But I personally believe that the future of non mainstream appreciation of these stations will have a very big development, profits will be more obvious. There are 2 in china. 100 million friends, so many people, they will be my site’s potential visitors, but also growing. And web page for the object is only personal webmaster, China webmaster no more than 1000W. Limited object. So, in this respect to analyze, the flow of hepatitis B network will be great development.

four: do before the station first consider the profit way: flow big words, users participate in the column, to improve visibility, can pick up some advertising. And Adsense kind of website? The main advertising unit is host business. Now more hosts, profits are also getting lower and lower, all this doomed they can not put in a station of advertising costs too much. In addition, the flow of this era is becoming less valuable. Before you make the station, consider it first. Own this station, if not through advertising, you can make money is the best. >

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