Electricity supplier marketing product planning booking rush

this paper introduces three typical methods by comparing the normal booking panic buying, buying process, comparing the third party platform with its own platform, and how to use the data to verify the effect of optimization of products, and some products are given in details of personal solutions, we hope to help.

1. overview

1.1 what’s an appointment rush?

is now out of stock, so that the user first appointment, over a period of time to participate in panic buying, grabbed, and then shipped to the user. (too straightforward, huh, huh)

1.2 why do I need to make an appointment to rush?

in the mobile phone category as an example, assume that each mobile phone costs $1000, if the first production of 1 million units sold, the cost is 1 billion. In addition to reducing the risk of stock reservation panic buying, there are many other benefits, such as through an adjustment data stocking, sales strategy, advance to lock users, stimulate consumer desire to buy, can also be released ahead of the competition, is conducive to the establishment of market dominant position, reduce the cost of procurement of raw materials etc.. The disadvantage is that some users do not buy, will cause a decline in reputation, as well as the increase in competitors caused by the loss of users.

2. competing goods

from 2011 millet phone booking purchase model sales so far, an appointment to buy online has been extended to fruits, clothing, books and other categories, and derived in a variety of ways.

2.1 booked for bid qualification

, that is, only pre booked users can participate in panic buying. For already booked users, the appointment is successful, only to get the buying qualification, does not mean that you can grab.

2.2 appointment alert

before the rush to buy, through SMS, APP message notification, QQ space reminder and other means to remind users, regardless of whether or not the reservation before, all users can participate in panic buying. Such as suning.com’s new Nubian Z17mini dazzle red version, after booking by SMS reminder.

map 1-2 Nubian Z17mini red out booking reminder (picture source: suning.com)

2.3 deposit reservation

deposit reservation is in the subscription stage, the user needs to pay a certain amount of money as a deposit, rush to pay the remaining period of the reservation method, if the user is not involved in buying, the deposit is not refundable. For users, the way to ensure that the successful appointment of users, you can get the goods, to resolve the appointment to be snapped up qualifications, appointment reminders, panic buying success rate is uncertain.

Figure 1-3

Feizixiao reservation deposit (source: Jingdong


other ways are less common, such as "deposit inflation", assume >

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