He Qinggui the butterfly effect in network promotion

keyword: Butterfly Effect

: a butterfly in a tropical rain forest of the Amazon basin of South America, occasionally flapping its wings, may cause a tornado in Texas in two weeks. The reason is that: the butterfly wing movement caused by air system changes, and cause the generation of weak flow, which produces a weak flow of air around it will cause or other system to produce changes caused by chain reaction, eventually lead to significant changes in other systems.

this effect shows that the results of the development of things have a very sensitive dependence on the initial conditions, and the minimum deviation of the initial conditions will lead to great differences in results.

the "Butterfly Effect" used in the academic community: a bad mechanism for small, if not timely guidance and adjustment, will bring great harm to the society, dubbed the "tornado" or "storm"; a good mechanism for small, as long as the correct guidance, after a period of time efforts will produce a sensational effect, or "revolution".

keyword: network promotion,

network promotion is the use of the Internet for promotional activities. The target can be companies, products, government, individuals, etc.. And network promotion close to the concept of network marketing (search engine marketing, mail marketing, BBS Marketing), website promotion, online advertising and so on.

network promotion butterfly effect, the most typical is network event marketing.

Obama is gone. Wang is red. I’m not surprised at all. Wang Zifei did only one thing that day, that is, to attend the "town hall" dialogue between Obama and the youth of Shanghai. She sat there quietly, and in a week she became the star of the news. Not because she does too much, but because the media can report too little. As for her coat and her generous handshake with Obama, they are all gossip out of the media. The media is too nosy. That’s right. News entertainment is a world trend. The eye economy dominates our cognition. To what extent will it affect people’s serious thinking? This is a problem that has to be faced. The network is an amplifier, and if you take advantage of it, you can get viral effects by amplifying the event.

today, China’s webmaster living environment is really worrying, do not infatuated with the Internet advertising alliance to make money, the union advertising has become a legend. Now, the nationwide uproar of network breaking events, so that all owners have to reflect on. I’m no longer a station owner. I’m a cyber pusher, to be exact. Our company uomnilamp decorative ceiling fan to the network market. Now everyone is talking about the website transformation, why not from a webmaster transformation into a network push hands? Taobao fire, many companies began to join the network sales force, placed in front of our webmaster, in fact, there are many opportunities.

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