Analysis of five methods for successful operation of local talent network

with the pace of life accelerated, scientific and technological progress, many units recruitment, personal job seekers like to complete their choice through the network needs. As a result, a variety of talent websites such as fertilization of the crops, and enjoy growth, but also a region, a few talent competition situation. Although the threshold for building a talent network is relatively low, but it is necessary to pay attention to the method of successful operation.

method 1: online sports,

A: submit your own talent web site to the major search engines and web sites, Baidu and Google can not neglect, be sure to submit. In order to win as soon as possible included, in the relatively high weight BBS, hair some as far as possible original post, and in the post attached to their talents web site, so as to win more of the chain. Hair chain can not be too impatient, every day five, ten, twenty increments, after the uniform rate at about forty level, or a substantial increase in the chain, careful Baidu K you, I have eaten this harm ah.

B: do your own talent, just like going shopping. If the shopping environment is too bad, you are not in the mood to buy things. The same reason. For the design of LOGO simple and generous, their own art is not good, you can go to the pig or Witkey China top find a master to do, at most two hundred pieces. Exquisite LOGO also applies to the business card, so go out running business, the customer took the card, a view of your company is absolutely different.

C: many webmaster all want to let the whole world have their own web site, but the food to eat one mouthful. I have five ideas for online promotion.

A: join yourself in many local QQ group, using pictures, text form to send messages, of course, the frequency can not be too fast, four times a day is appropriate, the time for 9 points, 11 points, 15 points, 20 points.

B: apply for an account at a local famous forum, and then publish your information in the relevant section.

C: in the Baidu post bar, you know, QQ asked if there were any questions about the local talent network, and then answered.

D: exchange links with local webmaster. Such alliances are considerable for their future help.

e: to exchange links on the site to find talent, and exchange links with them, may be your PR value is not high, lack of confidence, but you must be thick skinned and sincere heart. Hearts are long and meat, and everyone will understand.

method two: net movement

A: many people will think of leaflets, according to our Suqian talent network practice, found that the feasibility of this method is high, but the effect is not satisfactory. What should we do face card (name card size) and flow of people in many places.

B: work with local DM, send your ads on your website, and let them put your website on DM. This is called resource exchange, zero cost

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