Encounter the darkness before dawn to bite the webmaster friends should hold on

09 years of the Internet seems to have so many 08 years into the ranks of owners of numerous new roaring waves, the novice webmaster also slowly become mature in every webmaster webmaster, ready for when it comes to 2010, 09 at the end of the block is the event broke many of the heart, recently in the webmaster China the QQ group discussion most of the problem is the individual owners of the future, many webmaster friends even silently out of the circle, exit a lot of frustration, should be more reluctant.

give up is the end, insist on is a new starting point

for withdrawing from friends, Xiao Bian here can only wish they realize the ambition, in the new industries that continue to adhere to the tiger a scene of bustling activity, friends in the way where? Give up is the end point, adhere to is the new starting point, personal webmaster does not have no way out, on the contrary, the experience of the BLOCKOUTS events, more webmaster friends only will be more mature, personal webmaster from scratch, now, every year due to many reasons, there are owners out of this circle, there will always be new friends to join. In recent years, along with the CMS station program matures, more and more low threshold site, many webmaster in website construction and promotion process, sometimes breaking the law bottom line, out of the mix, always want to return, but the price is a bit too large.

personal webmaster to strengthen learning,

domain name registration, online program, find a template set into a website, a lot of new friends in the site of the process is the basic of yihuhuhuapiao, basic knowledge is absolutely ignorant of the station, although the technology is not the mainstream, but it is only relative to the website promotion technology is not the most important, many of the old owners tell the novice webmaster in the article, not focused on technology learning, but not to say what are not, now the network is developed, the mainstream webmaster information sites have corresponding tutorials, webmaster China more is in 2010 to develop new Adsense website as the main line of development. So for you novice webmaster, is less in the QQ group chatting, more down-to-earth learning


future personal Adsense development direction

is not difficult to see that the old group of successful stationmaster now mostly team operation, then the future direction of development of individual stationmaster nature is commercialization, team operation, many sites the block fell, then with the Internet laws and regulations, workshops and individual owners will be eliminated gradually, more and more small living space so, personal webmaster and strengthen cooperation, not a long time to stay in the dumpster even "junk", should be in regular warfare closer, gradually from personal workshop to team operation transformation.

clenched teeth across the darkness before dawn

This article is for

to see whether to abandon the website and contradictory friends, hope you don’t give up, together with clenched teeth, across the darkness before the dawn, as long as the users, as long as the Internet, there will be individual stationmaster hair.

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