‘ve been doing nternet for 6 years perplexed and struggling

has done 6 years of the Internet: confusion, and strive to.2001 years, officially put into the Internet, and started the first Internet business, remember the first startup theme is < Campus City > website, a community college students. No special technology. There is not enough money. Everything is so simple. Few people add up to thousands of dollars, to rent a server space, began to dry. Then what is not only a simple network 7.0.. Version. We used the modified horse. In this way, we strive to maintain every day.. on the altar. The painstaking efforts. After a half year.Ip traffic reached more than 10 thousand after the traffic is increasing. The average of 3000 people. The basic online. But the good times don’t last long. It was not long before hackers make all our dreams all vanish like soap bubbles… … technical problems? Funding problems? If there’s good technology to prevent people from being attacked? If money can buy a server? We’ve been looking for reasons for failure… But the market doesn’t need tears. We acknowledge the defeat…..

after a few months of precipitation, we again began to be a proud industry alliance, odd Industry Alliance http://s.www.qiall.com this is a join technology. We started a new beginning. It started. Not long after the rash and too much in haste Sheng Industry Alliance out seems we show in front of the shark very small. More than half of the operations let us begin to give up. No income pure investment is our small entrepreneurs cannot receive. After the small network project to do a lot. But in the last few years. Never make money on the Internet. It makes me frustrated since.2005 transformation. Diverted to open an Internet cafe. The market is good. To earn some money. And a billiard hall. A steady income and a friend to engage in an import and export company. 2 years accumulated by some of the Internet to leave Battalion and capital. Do not know is not oneself and the Internet missed. Since 2001. Looking at so many webmaster constantly powerful, but oneself…

remember when the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Give yourself a name < never to work on the Internet. > I did not give up again and again into the Internet friends. A new project. We aim at the franchise industry. Started a new plan to join the http://s.www.91jm.com network…… start running. At that time the country has two similar sites relatively large. But we go different way. And they hope to be able to develop.

in China franchise market

this may be the last time I do the Internet, put a lot of hope. Hope is to put all the affiliate network to complete my wish. The company began operations in 6 months. There are currently 7000. also hope to have more friends to give me more independent opinions and > IP traffic.

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