84 million dollars C round of financing building blocks box fairy tale how to write

Abstract: venture investment dilemma: choose millet, which means that the box became a pawn of millet finance. It also means that the box must repel other domestic VC firms. Faced with other options, it sees the C round of investor lead agencies, a Tianda based group in South africa.


finally settled, building blocks box opened on April 21st afternoon conference, announced that eventually got 84 million U.S. dollars venture capital. Two weeks before leaving the building blocks box raise a Babel of criticism of C round of financing to $400 million news, also confirmed Dong Jun’s collapse of itself, the phrase "don’t write fairy tale".

this round by the Tianda group led, Fremantle, Hongye hee Kim capital, Haitong investment. A and B investors also participated in this round of investment.

this round of investment, is a timely rain.

rising star

relative to Lu Jin, Hongling venture capital, all loans, pat loans, the building blocks of the box is relatively late platform, probably in 2013 June began to formally launched. Its founder Dong Jun is also a traditional Guarantee corporation transformation, which also led to last year’s building blocks box encountered sin problems – the on-line project involves self guarantee problems. Later gradually cleared of barbaric "original sin".


platform mode of operation: through the third party platform such as music stage, Guarantee Corporation and other upstream project provider, packaged assets, asset securitization platform sales, by the third party Guarantee Corporation guarantees, rapidly expand. The typical light asset model is very suitable for latecomers to rapidly increase the total amount of successful investment. This is the most important factor in evaluating the value of a P2P platform. At present, the evaluation of listed LendingClub is based on the city loan rate. (city credit rate refers to the platform value for its current year financing amount of 0.6 ~ 0.8 times)

you can see through this picture that the building blocks box just hit the right time in 2013.



platform building blocks box rates: interest rates, in the P2P platform is relatively low, but also higher than the safety of Lu Jin, Ali treasure; when most of the platform is still high interest blood gamble, it quietly at a low interest rate position into the P2P industry, in a doubt grow up sound.


platform interest rate probability distribution graph

can find that the box avoids all kinds of competition. 12% of the interest rate is really not high. However, the box is just to grasp the psychological characteristics of the public investors, the rapid growth is a matter of course.

behind it: "in the development of the box, the role of VC is too big.". Because of its founder Dong Jun, Wall Street bank origin, pull >

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