Talking about the experience of regional forum development

has been a station for four years, even though he’s still a rookie. Contact station or from the construction of mobile station started, free space that kind of free space is a Beijing company, now has long been closed down, and my free station also disappeared. But I’m very grateful to them, they let me know, do stand can earn money. At that time, I did the mobile phone music download station, all of which were accomplished by using mobile phones. My motorcycle mobile phones were hot every day. Now I remember I didn’t know where to work.

then, after more than a year after the station closed mobile phone, try to do stand, buy domain name, buy space, free online search procedures, busy a few days later set up a music download station, due to inaccurate positioning, not long after failed again. Insert a ditty, do the music station when the domain name is bought in nets, because the money a few days later, the domain name was a staff network registered, the domain name is meaning is big ears, I do feel the music or audio station net good, after being registered, may not have been registered, I the domain name, meaning golden ear, ha ha, do music station after the failure of is idle.

a lot of talk. Ha ha, say now under the station, Kaifeng student net at present I do this one, because it is a personal station, time, power is limited, but I believe it will gradually get better. It is a station area, I am native, is familiar with the area, in addition to my position is students and leisure goods trading, trading items I and A5, oh, my goal is to create a network of Kaifeng students Kaifengs students love items and leisure entertainment network.

to do the advantages of regional stations: first of all, they are local, of course, familiar with the market; the area is not large, suitable for individual owners do. For the first time in the webmaster send soft Wen, thank you for your support. My mailbox, [email protected]

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