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site data monitoring, including non flow and traffic monitoring, the following for you to introduce the site’s non flow monitoring.

non flow data monitoring, including the site included data, ranking data and monitoring of the chain data.

one, included data.

need to record the collected data, 1: total number of included: before the article introduced, included is a site ranking basis. Not included in the web site, everything is meaningless, we want to search engine fully included our website, as much as possible included pages, so included data is particularly important. We generally find, use site: instructions, included in the total, preferably seventy or eighty of the total number of pages.

but in recent years, the data shown by the site command has become increasingly inaccurate. To allow site instructions to fully display the number of entries, we usually use the site: URL + web pages will appear words, such as web site name. For example:, Baidu can accurately check the total collection of training sites. .

needs to record the collected data 2: the number of classified pages. The number of pages on the classified page helps to understand the classification page, that kind of classification is not full or not included, and take corresponding measures. Query the number of classified pages, you can use the comprehensive use of search instructions, for example, I want to query the classification page of the collection, you can use the instruction site:, website address, intitle: classification name. If the web page address specification, also can do: site: website address inurl: address classification features, such as the number of inurl:/seojichu/ are included here can query the site seojichu page classification. You need to query the number of entries for a certain period of time, you can use the address characteristics to query.

: need to record the collected data 3: feature page included. To quickly (of course, this is not very accurate), know which page weight is low, included is not good, you can select each category of some feature pages to check whether included.

website included incomplete or not included in the following aspects.

1, domain name weight is not high, resulting in the weight of the page is too low to achieve the minimum standard included. 2, the site structure problems, spiders can not crawl. 3, there are a lot of search engines are not favorable factors, such as fish, JS links. 4, the content of a large number of websites to copy or reprint, originality is not enough. 5, the internal optimization link distribution problems, making classification weight difference is big, so that search engines do not include the classified pages.

two, ranking data.

keyword ranking query may be the webmaster every day work, but general webmaster will only query the website main keywords ranking, rarely will involve other keywords. We except >

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