See from the extinction of Larry domain infinite future three spell domain name


from the beginning of contact with the Internet, contact the web site, began to learn to build the site, only time to hurry. Now I have big 3, in the catch the passing time, he can learn many things, relative to those of the novice webmaster, he may be said to be a little senior student stationmaster. Know what is called the domain name from the beginning, what is called the space, to know the server, FTP, now remember: so think so simple knowledge, how to start is so difficult, people give me tired, but I asked him not to answer diligently. Here is my simple personal experience, and here it is lyric. If there is insufficient, do not recognize the Department, welcome to point one or two, I am diligent in asking the end of the study will certainly be open-minded.

Do you want

, domain name, we often encounter such a situation (I was), digging out a good idea to Larry domain

, then registered in check in million net, basically com and net has been registered. From the listing of Baidu, China’s Internet followed her footsteps, desperately developing. The number of new sites are increasing every day tens of thousands, in such a wave, Larry domain gradually began to become extinct.

why is that? Because Larry domain a brief note on the website of the promotion, will play a significant role in promoting. At the same time, the Baidu engine also love website content and Shuangpin Chinese meaning anastomosis site, Baidu for its weight is quite high. The final result, Larry domain is in this world disappeared. Later, many webmaster in the first digital in Larry for example: 123, 5, after the 8 and 9 numbers, and then the digital and the Chinese meaning of deep plate rigidly applied, plus the number of Larry domain but also in the Internet everywhere.

in my recent observations, and the development of the Internet to see far, personally think that the infinite future extinction of visible three spell domain name Larry domain. Network world in domain three spell a lot, but also to the Chinese meaning with good, see the website development is promising. Everyone knows, can not stop the development of the sound Yue Taiwan,, the three spell domain name, whether literally from the first imagination, or in the promotion of the site, Baidu engine weight, are given the perfect answer.

in summary, we can see that the next three spell will be a good choice. For the domain name investors, I think this is also an opportunity, perhaps you now register three spell domain name, it will be a company has millions to buy that one. The Internet is equal to the platform for everyone, many opportunities in front of you, see if you will grasp, with your agile hands to seize.

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