Standing is like keeping a pet Living is the right way

station for more than two years, has been busy with revision and optimization, set up the team, while ignoring the communication with users, recently, the idea is more and more intense, the website has just started, to join the registration, support and recognition of friends, always wanted to have the opportunity to express my gratitude.

everything is ready, ready to send a letter of congratulation ebullience anniversary of accession to the station, such as check out records, your heart became cool watt cool, many web site open either 114 or a blue screen, English, 06 years added on the day of the 16 stations, only 6 can enter. The survival rate was 40%, 07 years to the day to join the 42 stations, only 19 can enter, the survival rate was 55%, from the day the data can peep some ah, can not help but sigh: to live is to survive the

website!When the

is going to make a stand, or because of interest, need to work, or on a whim to build a station, once started, you need to spend a lot of time and energy, domain name, find space, update, optimization, promotion, one less, think about the whole process of the website, if to raise children may be a bit too, or to keep a pet is more appropriate.

to keep a pet, first to the market to pick a good appearance, a look so that people like, can not forget, that is, the site to choose the domain name. Then bring home a pet to take a comfortable nest, not to wind and rain, is to find the server space to be stable, after a day to give delicious good drink, like the content of the website will continue to be updated, but also often wash bath, brushing, let it stand among the congregation of pet, is to do the optimization in the search there is a good ranking. In short, the hope is to keep the white fat, hair light quantity, from people envy, master light, accidentally into the noble family, the former (money) road can not be limited.

but when sick pets can also have irritating, patient host will try to take care of the master, fretful away. In the process, external support and help is also very important, good medicine ye, a friend’s recipe will make it back to life, this is my deep feeling, in the exchange server is out of order, the website not to a few days, not to encourage owners: this station is very useful for us, don’t close, there is a webmaster clearly expresses his feelings: when a person is surfing the Internet, do not know what to do, it is unable to restrain the emotions to open the to see if there is no good links. These real words, let hesitation walk alone, I deeply felt the warmth from the network, but also strengthened the faith to continue to do it.

for the first time to write articles, do not know can not be published, if issued, but also to take this opportunity to appeal to the Internet is never a lack of criticism, and encourage the sound is less and less, the same is the personal webmaster, please do not hesitate to give praise, for you love the website delivers the winter warm me.

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