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has recently online marketing staff asked me a lot of enterprise, network advertising has what skills, how to use the least money to achieve the effect of promotion and marketing, and advertising in the media to see is not the false traffic, the following I will detailed introduce the network advertising techniques. The network advertisement is simple to do on the Internet by means of advertising, advertising banners, text links, multimedia website, publishing or advertising on the Internet, transfer to a high-tech advertising works of Internet users through the internet.

said the first advertising process, first of all you have to determine a good ad targeting into the crowds, determine the advertising budget, the choice of media, advertising, creative advertising, advertising, Internet advertising monitoring test. Only when you think about the process, can you deal with things better in the later stage. Sure good advertising advertising goals, you want to achieve what purpose? To sales, or IP number, or the membership registration or dissemination and so on, after determining the goal is to quantify, such as the specific time, the goal of each stage should make good.

determines the advertising budget, but the budget according to the target, such as the development goals for each month of one hundred users, each user development costs may be 100 yuan a month, the advertising budget will be set to 100 yuan, according to the relevant data, such as some industry report, also can make test after the selection of the ten media, each of the launch, and then calculate the average cost. Can also be based on the proportion of traditional channels, this is to rely on experience, such as traditional channels to develop a customer’s cost is 100 yuan, that network can be completed 30 yuan.

media selection, the first analysis of target users, analysis of their age, gender, identity, level of consumption, living habits, etc., to choose our products in line with the media to put on. What do we need to attract our customers? Let customers know about our products. That’s advertising material. It must be concise and not easy.

The choice of

advertising locations is important, which means that customers can find what they want through the ads you put in. First look for the most prominent position, general website home page, analysis of the flow of advertising page, refer to ALEXA ranking, analysis of traffic must be optimistic about whether it is false traffic, don’t be fooled. My personal suggestions do text link is much better than the picture, can also increase the chain, the text gives the first advertisement illusion is not advertising, write a draw point title will attract a lot of people come to see your advertisement.

advertising creativity should have enough impact, advertising language is very important, in a word, let the user know what we can bring to them, help them solve what problems, or in a word, reflects the product characteristics. More than a few sets of ideas, often for a change, do not always use an advertising picture, it is best to change once a week, give web members a sense of freshness, you know this product is attentively in maintenance, intentions

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