With the website Taobao do not blindly and have money off

do Taobao and Taobao do the guest guest website in nearly one year, and recently in his Taobao customers in Taobao discussed some money off topic, here to share with you to share how to focus on a Taobao customer.

In fact, Taobao

off for some little network marketing is still relatively easy to start, but for some people the Taobao passengers still have some difficulty with certain challenges, because Taobao customer is actually a kind of network marketing methods. As long as you do not lack the concept of network marketing or means, do Taobao off or handy, therefore, when doing the Taobao customer best ask yourself if you are familiar with Taobao off the pattern, and whether they have a certain understanding of network marketing and network knowledge. If you think it’s OK, focus on the Taobao. The following perfect combination of the past year, himself and friends to do some experience Taobao customers

1, Baishixueyi

on the Internet is art skills and methods, if you are on the Internet for a long time, You’ll see. generally do stationmaster people are very busy and tired, but one thing is as long as the people engaged in the Internet industry in general are more enthusiastic. So you have to pay attention to learn some skills,

first, to correct their attitude and mentality, you have to hold the attitude of learning to communicate with these master station, because the Internet is not see each other face, so when you talk to master webmaster communication when the tone must be sincere; secondly, do not start asking for some privacy or of no importance then, for example: Hello, busy? What do you ask what the problem is, how many of your monthly income? How do you do? Should have the skills to communicate with people, start looking for one of the other topics of interest, then this topic deeply communicate with each other, until some familiar with each other to ask these questions, be ripe. Then, after the exchange to go on one side of things, familiar with their most familiar or most areas of interest, summarize some experience, then took their own experiences with others exchange experience, do not be silly There is an exchange of calls., Baji himself did not know what they want to worship to the people as a teacher. Finally, when you think he really taught you a lot of things, you have to return it, don’t burn the bridge after crossing it. The returns here are not necessarily material or monetary returns. You can at the appropriate time greeting greetings, or care about their own "master", for example, 2 or 3 in the evening, but also to see each other online, you can talk to him, early rest, pay more attention to the body. The maintenance of knowledge can be told how he can drink what tea or do some sports such as what to care each other, so that people feel very warm, people naturally happy to meet you even more ways to teach you.

2, focus on your website,

I think everyone do station before, must browse > Taobao passenger network of many people

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