Ruru teach you how to make Baidu spiders admire your station

The methods and skills about network promotion of

, the network has said a lot today, RuRu mainly tell us about a primary goal of the network popularization, the technique method is very suitable for the new owners, if you can do that to do the following, do not worry about the website development is not up, is my main said today: how to make search engines often climb your site, regardless of Baidu or Google spider spider crawling, are good, as long as there is a good web crawling, weight will have a good RuRu effectively improved, according to some daily accumulated experience, to give you a little summary, I hope to help you:

first is the content, do not know if you noticed, RuRu has been emphasized with you a content, can say that a web site is the soul of the content, so the quality of website must guarantee the content, the best article is original, pseudo original also must have quality. I have been looking at some of the same industry competitors website, found that almost all the content from the Internet to gather, there are no paper technology of real time, don’t know the webmaster thought not, you do not even want to see the article, you think Baidu spiders may love you? Maybe some webmaster hand many station is very busy, need to false original, that also please your tail out the level, at least, with the first paragraph of the late and the title to modify it, don’t take the locomotive collected over simple and synonyms conversion on the line, before it was said that included the effect is very good, but I can tell you the person in charge, it is advertised, if you think you have very little time, please submit a website before the website article done, if you can 1W capacity, it can be done first Page random, so that the effect is also very good.

of course you only have a station, there is time to do the original, then you must persevere, you need to understand a truth, do stand is a long process, so we must maintain a lasting update rate; the growth of a website, we must adhere to every day to write some of the content of the website, which can effectively target groups, the chain is also a reason, maybe there are a lot of new owners are wondering why the chain website Google will be less, because the quality of Google foreign chain is a requirement, so the content and the chain the same, must pay attention to the update site! Stick to the contents of the search engine for such training of Baidu and Google trust is good, Baidu once said, is actually a spider Ordinary users of the Internet, continue to do high-quality updates, not only to ordinary users to bring a good experience, but also to bring good impression of the spider.

The second is

skills to increase the chain, many new Adsense site in the early more confused, often see hear main even, just crazy for black hat software, find the link exchange group, a few days to get eighty, actually this is for a new station is the most lethal. >

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